Be Comfortable With Offending People

Be Comfortable With Offending People

We live in a world where people are constantly walking on eggshells. Too scared to say the wrong thing. Too scared to look at someones. And too scared to offend someone. People today are easily offended by the simplest things. And I am saying, “Be comfortable with offending people”.


Life is sometimes unnecessarily harsh. And life is cruel, mean, unfair, hostile and it oftentimes seems to reward those who act in this manner.


The idea that anyone can go through life NEVER being offended by someone is a ludicrous idea. And before you start typing away, or clicking off this article, hear me out for a second.

Because I am not saying to go out there and call someone a derogatory name. I am not saying to go out there and bash someone because they side with one political party that you are not too keen about. And I am not saying to go out there and be a D#CK to anyone.

But what I am saying is to go out there and be you. And know that in being you that you will offend a lot of people.




Anything and, at the SAME TIME, NOTHING will offend many people.

Sit tight, because if you thought narcissist and flying monkeys gave you a headache…let me introduce you to the masses.

Who Are The Masses?

Be Comfortable With Offending People

I make it NO SECRET, that I have a nauseatingly high level of frustration for flying monkeys. They truly are fools of the highest caliber. And I have been saying this to the point that it becomes ad naseum.

But d*mn.


If flying monkeys aren’t some of the most idiotic people you will come across. They will sabotage their own lives for a goal…THAT ISN’T EVEN THEIRS.

Now, if there is anyone who I have an even higher level of frustration for, it is the masses.

And the masses are drones…they are just a horde.

Like a pack of antelope, gazelles, and buffalos that all are moving in the same D*MN direction.

The masses are neither good or bad.

They aren’t even in the middle (neutral).

They just…ARE.

And this is what is so frustrating.

The Masses And Being Offended: What Did You Mean By That?

The masses move to the will of the one IDEA. They move to the will of nearly one group of people who tell them what to think, what to do and most importantly “what to be offended by“.

And this is why I say, “get comfortable with offending people” because if you walk on eggshells around these paper-thin people you will find that your intelligence and your character will diminish over time.

By feeling like you will offend someone you are literally imprisoning your own tongue, your own thoughts, and most importantly your own opinion.

And it is perfectly okay to have a different opinion on things in life.

But with the masses.

Ha.Ha. Hahahahahahahaha.

They have a one-track mind. And anything outside of that one-track mind is an insult and “offensive”.

Oh! You voted for this person and WE DON’T LIKE THEM! You’re a racist.

Oh! You have an attraction for this particular sex? You’re a sexist.

You can count to “thwee”! How adorable. You’re shoving your Ivy League Privelge down their throats.

Hey! You are not into this religion? You’re an atheistic phobic.

This way of thinking truly is no different from the narcissistic way of trying to manipulate their victim into being who they want. But the thing that differentiates these people from the narcissists and the flying monkeys is that these people honestly believe they are doing the right thing.

Get Comfortable With Offending People

People today can get offended by anything and nothing.

What do I mean by this?

Say something to them and you are bullying them with your words.

Say nothing to them and you are bullying them with your silence.

Help them out and you make them feel like they are inadequate.

Don’t help them out and you make them feel like they are unimportant.

Smile at them and you gave them a smirk.

Don’t smile at them and you gave them a frown.

There is no reasoning with these people. There is no helping these people. And there is MEETING THESE PEOPLE ON THE PLANE OF SANITY.

You are going to offend people. You are going to hurt people’s feelings. And you are going to do this…without even TRYING to do it.

To be happy in life, you have to be selfish.

Selfish with your time.

Selfish with your money. And selfish with yourself.

Stop trying to please people who will NEVER get to a point where they will ever be happy enough to the point that offense cannot hurt them.

Get used to offending people…that is how you become stronger, happier, and most importantly FREE FROM THE CLUTCHES OF PEOPLE WHO ONLY WANT TO KEEP YOU DOWN.

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