How To Handle No Closure With Narcissists

How To Handle No Closure With Narcissists

How To Handle No Closure With Narcissists

The short answer to this is to just NOT SEEK CLOSURE WITH THEM.

Now, wait.

Don’t click off yet.

Just hear me out for a second.

You have to understand this.

Narcissists are parasites; they are energy vampires; they are creatures from a dark reality to where even Satan wouldn’t venture for fear of it’s (I don’t place a gender on Satan because, well…WHY?)


Good energy or bad energy.

It is all the same to them.

Good energy requires a lot of work to get. Being honest, decent, loyal, pleasant, and just being a damn HUMAN BEING is not as easy as it is to be a narcissist. 

Bad energy is a hell of a lot easier to require.

Because people (some of us) are rational, seeing irrational actions from the narcissist, of course, makes us focus our attention and energy on them.

And narcissists know this.

Which is why they do some batshit Looney Toons “The Mask” insane things.

Somebody…Stop Me!

Do Not Feed The Beast

The “no closure” by the narcissist is meant to be a wound that is never expected to close, and thus heal.

And like any wound that is not closed, it will get infected; it will rot.

You don’t close up a wound by digging deeper into the wound because that will only hurt you more.

You close the wound by stitching it up.

Going no contact, ghosting them, and moving on are your needle, thread, and your antibiotic.

Seeking closure from narcissists is just digging the knife deeper into your wound.

3 thoughts on “How To Handle No Closure With Narcissists

  1. Perfect!!!! Just what I needed to hear today ❤️Day two of no contact and just thanking god I made it thru the work day without crying …. feeling hopeful about my new beginnings

    1. You can do it. Be gentle on yourself . I’d started for few hours , days , weeks then months . I’m hoping I could do too for a year .
      Wishing you strength and love 😘

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