How To Handle No Closure With Narcissists

How To Handle No Closure With Narcissists

It is perhaps one of the last meanest and hurtful things narcissists do to us; giving us no closure.

Narcissists seem to enjoy making life for those close to them, hell.

And they get the greatest kick when they know that even after leaving us, we are still hurting. Having no closure with narcissists can feel like a nightmare.

We often are stuck in a state of confusion. Wondering what did we say? What did we do to make them change so suddenly?

And the answer is that we did NOTHING.

How they treat us is how they feel about themselves.

And the no closure that they leave us with is meant to continue to keep turning that knife in our back.

I know for many, they believe that if they just had that closure that maybe their healing could begin.

But they know this and I ask you this.

Why give them power over your healing process?

In this article, I want to explain how to handle no closure with narcissists.

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Why You Will Get No Closure With Narcissists

Understand this.

Narcissistic people want people to ALWAYS think about them (they want us to ruminate). That is how they validate their own worth.

Narcissists are what I like to call kidults. They will do wrong because they know that their negative acts will most often get a reaction out of people.

Narcissists are like a six-year-old who draws on the wall to get mommy and daddy’s attention.

They know that if they do something terrible and then leave you without knowing why they did the things they did, we will still keep thinking about them.

They will not give you closure because they still want you to think about them, and they still want you to HURT.

3 thoughts on “How To Handle No Closure With Narcissists

  1. Perfect!!!! Just what I needed to hear today ❤️Day two of no contact and just thanking god I made it thru the work day without crying …. feeling hopeful about my new beginnings

    1. You can do it. Be gentle on yourself . I’d started for few hours , days , weeks then months . I’m hoping I could do too for a year .
      Wishing you strength and love 😘

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