Never Ask Negative People, “What’s Wrong?”

Never Ask Negative People, “What’s Wrong?”

What’s Wrong?

Asking this question leads to negative people (narcissistic people) to think they can now manipulate you and use you.

If you see them pouting FOR NO REASON or throwing a hissy fit every time you enter the room, the best thing to do is NOT to REACT.

The reason that these kidults do this is that they are trying to gauge if you will be someone who is easy to manipulate.

Much like a kid who tries to get over on a new adult, so too are kidult narcissists when they meet a new person.

And another reason is that they are just JEALOUS and they want you to beg them to stop hating you; which you must NEVER DO.

Haters gonna hate.

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Never Ask Negative People, “What’s Wrong?”

I remember one time when I was working at Wal-Mart how this one co-worker came to working pretending like he was mad. I was the new guy on the team.

Everyone was telling me, “today he’s mad, let’s not get on his bad side.”

And I said, with him in hearing distance, “I’m not here for him. I’m here for work. So I really don’t care how he feels.”

The look on his childish, weak ego faced was PRICELESS.

Understand that these people act angry because they are trying to condition us into REGULATING THEIR EMOTIONS.

But like I always say, we don’t have to be heroes to these losers, and we don’t have to parentify these entitled, spoiled brats.

It is NOT OUR JOB to be their parents.

If you notice a narc “acting up,” the best thing to do is NOT to ACKNOWLEDGE THEIR childishness.

WE DO NOT NEED TO BE FRIENDS with these losers.

This will turn their small-minded thinking upside down.

Narc’s Inner Thoughts: “I’m not important enough for them to wonder why I am mad?”

Us: No…no, you aren’t.

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