Narcs Wants A Reaction: Don’t Give Them A Reaction

Narcs Wants A Reaction: Don’t Give Them A Reaction

Narcs wants a reaction from you; this is what they live for. Nothing stimulates their small little minds, like getting a reaction.

Much like a toddler who is left in awe at the animated pixels on TV, so too can a narc be in awe of you when you react to their kidult antics.

These people are KIDULTS, and they do things just to get a reaction.

As an adult, it is our responsibility to be the BIGGER PERSON.

Not only will our future self thank us for being cool, calm, and collected while the narc tried to break us — but we also irk the HELL out of these trolls.

Narcs Wants A Reaction: Don’t Give Them A Reaction

I recall on one of my adventures in Asia, living in an Airbnb. However, other people lived there as well.

This Narc Beta Male, kept bringing this girl to the apartment, just to devalue her.

He did it three times while I was there, and I cursed him out the third time. And like the coward male, he was…HE SAID NOTHING, just put his head down like the beta he was.

(Now, I said nothing the first time because I didn’t know what type of chick she was. Nor him. The second time I noticed the signs. The third time annoyed me because he was being a bully. And mind you, I am 5’5. He towered over me at 6 feet. It ain’t the size of the dog, but the fight in the dog. And I got a lot of fight in me :))

But I recall the second time he did it to her; she said, “I won’t argue you with you. I will sit here and let you yell at me.”

What did his Narc beta male do?

He sat there in silence.

He was looking for a reaction, and she didn’t give it to him.

This completely disarmed this clown.


NARCS NEED OUR ATTENTION. THEY NEED US TO REACT. It is like sustenance to these parasites.

The best thing to do when they are looking to argue or get a reaction is to KEEP COOL, CALM, and STAY COLLECTED.


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