A Narcissist’s Prayer: Dear Dark God, Give Me Strength To Pass The Blame

A Narcissist’s Prayer: Dear Dark God, Give Me Strength To Pass The Blame

A Narcissist’s Prayer
I wake up each day and thank the heavens above
For making me better than everyone else
I know I’m special and unique
And that’s why I deserve the best of everything

I start my day by looking in the mirror
Admiring my perfection
I love myself so much
And I know that everyone else does too
They can’t help but worship me
Because I’m just so amazing

I go through my day with a sense of entitlement
Everything is mine for the taking
I deserve the best of everything Because I’m just so great  And if anyone tries to stop me or get in my way  I’ll just crush them like the worthless bugs they are

Can narcissists be religious?

Yes, narcissists can be religious. Many narcissists are religious because they see religion as a way to control other people and feel superior to them.

Narcissists often use religion to manipulate and control others, and they may even believe that they are somehow chosen by God or have a special mission in life.

While there are many sincere and devoutly religious people, narcissists often use religion as a tool to get what they want.

Do narcissist pray?

If they are communal narcissists, they most likely would. They will believe they have a higher being on their side.

A Narcissist’s Prayer: Dear Dark God Give Me Strength To Pass The Blame

Narcissist's Prayer
Photo by Cxpturing Souls on Pexels.com

That didn’t happen.

And if it did, it wasn’t that bad.

And if it was, that’s not a big deal.

And if it is, that’s not my fault.

And if it was, I didn’t mean it.

And if I did…

You deserved it.

Can prayer change a narcissist?

A narcissist is someone who is excessively self-absorbed and obsessed with their appearance and achievements. A prayer communicates with a higher power in which an individual asks for guidance, strength, or help. So, can prayer change a narcissist?

Prayer likely won’t change a narcissist, but it can guide those around them.

For example, praying for wisdom on how to deal with a narcissist can be incredibly helpful if you are married to a narcissist.

If you have children with a narcissist, praying for patience and strength to deal with their behavior can be beneficial.

Only narcissists can change themselves, and it’s unlikely that prayer will be the thing that finally gets through to them.

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