Narcissists Live In Kidulthood: They Need Your Attention

Narcissists Live In Kidulthood: They Need Your Attention

Narcissists Live In Kidulthood:

There you are, in a shopping center, when all of a sudden, your little guy or gal throws a temper tantrum. They start to yell, scream, pout, stomp around and put on a show. And you are stuck feeling embarrassed and confused.

All you said was, “Can you give me a second, I have to go to the restroom“.

And Bam!

The insanity begins.

Understand this…narcissists are kidults.

Oh! Did you think I was talking about a toddler or little kid?

Please excuse that. I know it can be very difficult telling the difference between these two.

If you are unfamiliar with the name “kidult” allow me to elucidate, as this will really help you understand the narcissist.

They aren’t the terrible monsters they like to make pretend to be.

Even when they say, “Roar! I’m a big scew-wee monstah.”

Aren’t they precious little scamps?

Well, big scamps with little minds.

Still, aren’t they just ADORABLE?

To be 40+ years old and still throwing temper tantrums.

God, how cute is that, right?

Of course, I am right. That is why so many people stay with these people.

They are just the most adorable scamps.

We could just eat them up, with how precious and cute they are.

God! What man wouldn’t want this?

Truly, these kidults have it going on, right?

And if they don’t, who cares?

They don’t have to ever have anything figured out.

It is our job as their parents…umm, I mean their parents…

No. No.


Parents and partners seem so closely eerily related!

Maybe that is why these kidults cannot see the difference.

Anyway, these kidults never have to grow up. Because being responsible for your actions like a…you know…ADULT, is for losers and for stupid people.

And narcissists, the kidults they are, are smawt.

Smawta then we are!

Nyeh! Nyeh!

With this said, let me break down what the kidult is and how you can deal with your kidult narcissists.

Sometimes a long time out is all they need to start behaving in a reasonable manner.

Narcissists Are Precocious Scamps: “This Is Mine”

Now, for those of us who have been with a narcissist, we know how “GREEDY” and “SELFISH” these kidults can be. They are in every sense, people stuck in their toddler and childish state.

I can remember how greedy and selfish I was at that age, but then I did this amazing thing called…GROWING UP.

I remember stealing my mom’s butterscotch candy. And when she saw me and told me to give it to her, I ran and hid under my bed so that I could finish eating it.

Hey! Don’t give me that mean look.

I was like 5 years old. And the taste of butterscotch to my tastebuds was a new HIGH I had never experienced.

What was this tasty morsel that my mother kept to herself?

Butterscotch was so good.

And as a kid, I thought if I couldn’t have it, she would keep it to herself.

She had clearly, from my limited understanding, been hoarding this tasty magical treat to herself.


Stop giving me the mean eye.

I was just a greedy little guy who wanted the sweet flavor of butterscotch in my mouth.

Any way.

This is how narcissists who are 30, 40 and even 50+ still think, feel and behave.

I don’t include people in their 20s, as I believe people in their 20s are people who are still maturing.

Children are hardwired (yes, I know not all) to be selfish and greedy because of genetics and evolution. If you weren’t fighting to get that milk from mommy, you were left to starve.

This is why you see little pups fight to the bone (like the wordplay) to nibble at mom’s teet.

They have to be greedy, otherwise, they won’t have enough to survive.

Narcissists aren’t only immature, they are also some of the most unevolved people you will come across as well.

Narcissist Operate On The Reptilian Brain

For those who are not familiar with this name Triune brain, it is a theory that the human brain is made up of three different brains. These brains being:

  • The Reptilian Brain
  • The Mammalian Brain (The Limbic Brain)
  • The Neo-Cortex (The Most evolved and Human Brain)

The Neocortex is where self-awareness is and consciousness may arise. Being self-conscious is NOT a bad thing. And sadly most people give up this power.

We are taught to be ashamed of being self-conscious by the sheeple SLEEP MASSES, with some who dare to consider themselves…”WOKE.”


The Mammalian Brain (limbic system) is where empathy we can say arise. This is where bonding between entities happens. We see this very strong in mammalian animals; especially primates.

In this brain compassion for others also arises.

And then there is the Reptilian Brain.

“This is mine and this is mine and this is mine. And don’t you dare look at it otherwise you will take it. It’s mine. MINEEEEEEEEEEES. I tell you!”

This brain is often considered the R-Complex and this is exactly how many people operate on a daily basis. This is the brain that operates on the subconscious.

Marketers target this brain to get people to buy things they DO NOT NEED by appealing to the most basic parts of this brain.

Which are: sex, food and power.

You need this expensive car.


Because you can get a hot girl in a red dress.

How is this possible?

Because it was in a commercial and car show.

Does this make sense?



Narcissist Are Kidults

Narcissists operate still in their early stages of life. As empaths, we are not only more evolved but we are SURE as hell are more mature.

You are NOT an idiot for putting up with them.

As a parent looks to help their kid become the best they can, even when their kid’s pout, cry, thrown temper tantrums, and lash out, they still will be there for them. Trying to be that model and that person to inspire them to change.

And likewise, as partners with narcs, we want the best for them.

It is just an innate feeling in us to want others to be the best they can.

And as I mentioned before there is a strong connection, an eerily connection, between being a partner and a parent to narcs.

Narcs are kidults and we are somehow not just their partners but their parents.

And I am saying the best way to punish these kidults is not to try and get them to understand the wrongs they did.

Because they will not accept responsibility.

The best way to punish them is to put them on a permanent time out. Which is:


They will never change and they will never take responsibility for their actions.

To keep your sanity, when dealing with these kidults…you will have to do something drastic.

Sometimes you have to kick the bird form the nest.

And if they can fly on their way down…okay.

If not…

Well, they are no longer your problem.

Stop being an ADULT and PARENT to a grown-ass adult.

Narcissists are kidults and I think it is about time they go in time out.

2 thoughts on “Narcissists Live In Kidulthood: They Need Your Attention

  1. I have seen articles prior that explain the brain as in mammalian brain and reptile brain. Never before associated to narcissist. But makes perfect sense.
    And narcissist also have the Peter Pan Syndrome. Never grow up. Do what you want. The book / movie glamorizes it to make it sell. But it still show that lack of growing up to maturity and acceptance of responsibility of self and actions. Narcissist never accepts any responsibility of their actions. The blame shifting game. No accountability. Immature childish laughable spoiled brats. They hurt others and enjoy it as the feel entitled.

    1. Oh! Thank you.

      Peter Pan Syndrome I never heard of that.

      And yes that makes sense.

      Forever 21

      “Forever young”

      Society does everything it can to cater to immature kidults.

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