Narcissists Are Offended By People Who Have Self-Love: Be Offensive

Narcissists Are Offended By People Who Have Self-Love: Be Offensive

Narcissists are offended by people who have self-love. Learn to cultivate the skill of loving yourself UNCONDITIONALLY in a world full of people wanting you to hate yourself.

Self-love is the most revolutionary and defiant act that you can ever take.

Dare to love yourself in a world that would seek to destroy your self-esteem.

Because when you can love yourself when all teh world tries to hate you and make you hate yourself, you gain the ultimate revenge and the most significant victory in life.

Narcissists, despite their false mask of superiority and supremacy, are some of the most self-hating, toxic, and miserable people you will ever come across.

The greatest insult to them when they have done you wrong is to shrug it off and go on about your day.

They, like the kidults they are, lash out at people, hoping that their antics will be acknowledged.

They are attention fiends of the highest caliber.

Narcissists Are Offended By People Who Have Self-Love: Hey! Be As Offensive As Possible

Narcissists Are Offended By People Who Have Self-Love

The best revenge is to go no contact become as successful as possible simply.

And lastly, to be as HAPPY and LOVING as you can to yourself.

Just because others hate you for reasons that are not justifiable, doesn’t mean you need to hate yourself.

If you want to offend a narcissist in a way that sticks the middle finger to their face….be happy and have self-love for yourself.

That will piss them off.

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Reach out for help and live life on your terms once again.

And lastly, learn how to smile and laugh again.

Because laughter does the SOUL good.

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