7 Ways To Tick Off A Narcissist: Here Comes The Narcissistic Rage

7 Ways To Tick Off A Narcissist: Here Comes The Narcissistic Rage

7 Ways To Tick Off A Narcissist: Here Comes The Narcissistic Rage

Narcissistic rage – a psychological construct that describes a reaction to narcissistic injury, which is conceptualized as a perceived threat to a narcissist’s self-esteem or self-worth.Wikipedia

Narcissists know how to get under our skin. Just being around them can make our skin crawl. They know this. They know just being them that it irritates us.

And they get a kick out of the idea that just being in our presence that it can mess with us.

But with if you could turn the irritation on them and do so without being a dick about it?

Would you want to?

If so, here are seven ways to tick off a narcissist and to do so without having to come down to their level.

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Showing them that not everyone behaves like them and that they can’t get to everyone is the ultimate slap in the face.

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Here Comes The Narcissistic Rage

1 – Narcissistic Rage: Give Them No Attention

This means you can either:

These people are attention whores.

They need attention like addicts to need their next fix.

And as uncouth a statement this sounds like, narcissists are like addicts. They need attention.

Imagine, an addict when they don’t have their fix, how they behave.

This is what happens to a narcissist when they don’t get attention from someone they want it from.

2 – Focus On Your Personal Development

Narcissists need you to feel as if you are nothing. The reason for this is so that they can use you any way they see fit. If you know your self-worth and continue to improve who you are, they can’t control you. And that is a massive insult to them.

When you focus on your continued self-development, that will irk them to no end.

In their whacky, irrational minds, they feel as if people should be what they want.

When you step outside their sphere of influence and seek to become the best version of yourself, you tell them they are no good for you.

This is a sign of rejection.

And as insane as this sounds, this is how most narcs think.

The act of you trying to become the best version of yourself, you by proxy, in their myopic understanding of the world, see that as you thinking you are better than them and you are rejecting them.

One of the best ways to get back at narcissists is to become the best person you can be.

And better yet, this is so much more effective when you become a great person AFTER being with them.

It shows them THEY were the ones holding you back.

3 – Become Financially Independent: Ways To Tick Off A Narcissist

I have lost more jobs than I can count on both hands two times over.

Working with narcissistic kidults can be a NIGHTMARE.

Narcissistic co-workers have NO LIFE outside the job, and as a result, they want to blend their work-life with their home life.

This is especially true with supervisors and bosses.

The best way to irk everyone at your job who may be toxic is to become your own boss.

When they see you self-reliant and financially independent, that will be like a stake in their narcissistic vampire hearts.

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4 – Being Unphased By Their Antics

Learning the “Art Of Detachment” will prove so valuable for you.

Not only does it irk the narcissist because they become IRRELEVANT TO YOU, but it also helps you to cultivate a robust, hardened skin.

They can sling criticism and insults, and you are unfettered.

5 – Finding A Healthy & Loving Relationship


Find someone to love once again.

The reason they were so wicked to you is that they were trying to damage you. They were trying to denigrate your trust in people. So that you feel like you can never be with anyone ever again.

Finding someone to love you will not only make your happy and life so much better, but it will close the coffin on these energy vampires.

6 – Being Happy

Smiling. Laughing. Being full of joy and hope are all anathema to the dark creatures known as the narcissist.

These creatures seem to be weak to other people just being happy with their lives.

Learn to smile and laugh.

Smiling and laughing have a significant impact on your psychological and even physical well-being.

Check out this article “7 Benefits of Smiling and Laughing that You Didn’t Know About


Kicking them out of your life, and by this I mean MOVING ON, even moving away if you have to, and just living without them will make them lose whatever sh*t they had.

They will go balls off the wall batshit insane when you leave.

And better yet, once you stop thinking about them and forget them will cause them to go through a narcissistic implosion.

What they do to themselves is their problem.

And it isn’t pleasant.

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