Narcissistic People Will Destroy Each Other: LEAVE THEM

Narcissistic People Will Destroy Each Other: LEAVE THEM

Narcissistic People Will Destroy Each Other: LEAVE THEM

It can be extremely annoying working in a job surrounded by narcissistic people. It can be frustrating living in a community where everyone is so vain.

And it can be HELL living with a narcissistic family.

Working harder at your toxic workplace WILL NOT appease your narcissistic boss.

Baking cookies and cakes WILL NOT turn that negative block filled with narcissistic “neighbors” any better.

And sadly, waiting, praying, and hoping for your family, your blood, your kin to see the error of their ways is just a massive waste of time.

No matter how hard you work, no matter how much you give, and no matter how much you hope, things can change for the better…these people will never change.

And if you are holding out because they teased you or hurt you and you are waiting for KARMA to step in…STOP.

Because karma will take its sweet time if you stay.

If you want your revenge…simply walk away.

And here is why.

And NO…I am not going to talk about No Contact or Grey Rocking.

The reason you will want to leave them is…

Narcissistic People Will Destroy Each Other: LEAVE THEM

Narcissistic people are the living embodiments of chaos and destruction. And you need to understand this.

You staying around is not going to change then for the better. You trying to be the EXAMPLE of what it is to be a model employee, a “good neighbor,” or a loving family member WILL NOT make them behave the same way.

And you staying will not bring peace and order.

You staying will only bring you drama, chaos, hurt, pain, and a fractured mind.

And this is exactly what the narcissist wants.

Now, I know it can be very tempting to stay because you don’t want to feel like you are being pushed away.

You don’t want them thinking they “ran you off.”

But in staying, you actually play into their hands.

You have to understand that these people are immature with their emotions. They have no understanding of them.

Narcissists Are KIDULTS.

“I will hurt, tease, and draw on the walls…then, then you will pay attention to me.”

If you stay, they will keep on bullying, harassing, hurting, teasing, and smearing you.

Once you leave, then they will turn on themselves.

Believe me, I have seen it so many times.

Narcissistic people do not have friends; they just have allies.

And when things get serious, they will throw each other under the bus in a heartbeat.

Or when they have no to harass (FOR NO REASON), they will then turn on each other.

If you want them to hurt and be destroyed for causing you so much harm, simply move on.

These people have no understanding of anything other than destruction.

It Is Quite Funny To Hear and Watch

It is quite funny to hear how things go badly for them AFTER YOU LEAVE. The flying monkey who was so loyal, like a dog, becomes the omega wolf—the person to whom the narcs all take their irrational anger out on.

And then, after the flying monkey leaves or is destroyed, they then turn on each other.

There is NO LOGIC with these people.

You gain absolutely NOTHING from staying.

Yes, you may need a job.

You may need a house.

You may feel like you need a family.


You can earn money online.

There are better communities. The neighborhood you live in is NOT the only place you can live in. And why stay somewhere for 5, 10, 20 years that you HATE?

And you can form a new family by meeting new people.

Will it be easy?


But anything in life having is worth working hard for.

The same energy you use trying to CHANGE these irrational unchangeable people can be used to make your life so much better.

If you are dealing with narcs…just move on and let them destroy themselves like the irrational primates (and no this is NOT a polemical statement) they are.

Graphic Video Below: Gang of Chimps Torture and Kill a Lone Chimp

This is exactly how narcs behave the moment the supply, scapegoat, or empath leaves. They turn on each other.

Need Support?

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And remember, that a support group is NO ALTERNATIVE to professional help.

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  1. “they then turn on each other” Once I put his stuff outside and he went back to his n. family I started hearing lots of stories about the irrational fighting and arguing that went on between him and his family. The very same supportive family who all got up in my face for calling in the law on him when he started threatening to kill me when I threatened to unplug power to his cabin when he refused to keep deals he had already been paid for.

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