Narcissistic People Wear Masks

Narcissistic People Wear Masks

Narcissistic People Wear Masks! This may come to no surprise to many of us who have experienced the chaos that is the narcissist. They enjoy wearing different masks because they know deep down, that if any of us saw them for who they really were and are, we would not want them in our lives.

These people are so FULL of self-hatred that they want others to hate themsleves as much as they hate themselves.

This is why they devalue, demean, smear campaign, gossip, lie and spread rumors about people.

If they can damage our image then maybe…just maybe, in their twisted minds, they won’t be the most hideous people to be around.

Listen, they may have damaged your image…BUT NEVER LET THEM DAMAGE YOUR CHARACTER.

Rise above their insanity and REMAIN WHO YOU ARE.

Let them live with their mask because in time, that maks will slowly slip away.

It happens to almost all of them, while living or after they have died. Just look at people like Harvey Weinstein.

Narcissistic People Wear Masks

“So many of us hide from ourselves and we don’t even know who we are and why were we here? All peoples will prove they are better and put fake masks on their own faces. Every people pretend herself what they actually not from inside. Afraid to show reality and hide their best quality. You just have to learn to be yourself and what really makes you happy, or other things that are not important and what others think of you is not important at all.”― Silentknight

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