Narcissistic People Want You To Ruminate…Don’t

Narcissistic People Want You To Ruminate…Don’t

Narcissistic People Want You To Ruminate…Don’t

Narcissistic people are attention fiends. These are people who need others to think about them to validate their worth continually.

Unlike mature adults who validate their worth, kidult narcissists need others to validate them.

Now, calling these people kidult is not a polemical statement. These people are like kids.

Their silly and irrational temper tantrums more than verify this statement.

Much like a kid who draws on the wall to get their parent’s attention, so too are kidult narcissists who do wrong to us who so that we can give them attention.

The discard, the smear campaign, the gossiping, the rumors, and the character assassinations are all meant to make us think about them and to ruminate over them.

And I am saying…


Narcissistic People Want You To Ruminate…Don’t


Narcissistic people are like parasites. They need a host, something to feed on to survive.

And our attention and our lives and persons are exactly what feeds these people.

Ruminating over these people and think:

Why did they do this?

What did I do?

What can I do to get them back?

I want revenge!

I want to hurt them!

All these thoughts are exactly what they want. They need others to think about them.

The best thing you can ever do when they have discarded you or hurt you…IS TO MOVE ON.

Believe me; I know how challenging it can be.

But I also know how batshit these people go when they realize NO ONE IS EVEN THINKING ABOUT THEM.

Don’t Ruminate

Narcissistic people are not confident, and they don’t have a strong sense of self-love (if any).

By moving on and not seeking revenge, you show them how unimportant they are.

The best revenge is massive success.

And believe me, they will find out.

They will send their flying monkeys to see how you are doing, or they will stalk you on social media, or they will try and hoover you.

These people are losers who have no lives.

Don’t ruminate over TRASH.

Start appreciating your freedom from these parasitic creatures passing themselves off as human beings.

Don’t ruminate the narc, because that is what they want.

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