Narcissistic People Love Chaos & Drama: Give Them NOTHING!

Narcissistic People Love Chaos & Drama: Give Them NOTHING!

Narcissistic People Love Chaos & Drama: Give Them NOTHING!

The more I research about narcissism, the more I listen to videos about narcissists, and the more I encounter narcissist daily, I believe these people are the living embodiment of chaos.

And I say this not as a criticism.

I genuinely believe these people want chaos in their lives.

It is like they feed on negative energy.

This is evident in their childish kidult antics.

When they want something instead of just vocalizing themselves and articulating themselves, they throw temper tantrums.

Why do they throw temper tantrums?

So we, the adults, can try and figure out what is wrong.

These people are chaotic individuals who have not yet grown up.

And most likely, they will never grow up.

When you are dealing with a narcissist, the best thing to do is to do…NOTHING.

Here is why.

Narcissistic People Love Chaos & Drama: Give Them NOTHING!

Chaos needs something to exist. Without something, there could be NO CHAOS.

The narcissist that as come into your life will slowly implode in on themselves as they will have NO ONE to destroy.

These people are the living embodiment of chaos and destruction. They need to destroy something.

By removing yourself from their lives, they will have no alternative than but to destroy themselves.

And believe me, they usually do.

Most narcs, from what I am gathering through stories, testimonials, videos, and research usually end up:

This is why No Contact, Ghosting, and Moving Forward in life is so important.

They may have hurt you, but know that that hurt was only to keep you in their lives.

In their childish rambunctious thinking, they believe, if I hurt you, you will want payback.

But by walking away (and I know it is challenging), you DESTROY THEM AT A MONUMENTAL LEVEL.

Don’t feed into their insanity…

Give them nothing, and they will destroy themselves.

Need Support?

I understand how difficult it can be to heal after a narc relationship.

If you need a support group, feel free to subscribe to mines below.

Also, please remember that a support group is NO ALTERNATIVE to professional help.

If you need to speak with a therapist, feel free to talk to one at Online-Therapy (this is an affiliate link).

You don’t need to struggle alone.

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One thought on “Narcissistic People Love Chaos & Drama: Give Them NOTHING!

  1. That’s very good advice .. I’ve tried that I suppose as a natural instinct because reasoning with my narc ex boyfriend is relentless at trying to get under my skin. I’ve tried so hard to ignore and even pretend he was a figment of my imagination.. he still lives with me at my moms house and pays rent so he believes he has the right with everything including making life miserable. He won’t move out because there is no other place that would rent for cheap which he was renting for at my moms.
    He also threatened that if we ;my mom and I want him out we would have to get an attorney involved because he was going to sue us for every penny and buy him out … I’m waiting for him to get violent or explode ( which I know he will ) because he walks around the house telling me that “this is not the way to live” just because I refuse to take him back

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