Narcissistic People Are Insanely Jealous: Avoid Them At All Cost

Narcissistic People Are Insanely Jealous: Avoid Them At All Cost

Narcissistic People Are Insanely Jealous: Avoid Them At All Cost

If there is one thing that I think many people overlook in life, is this idea that narcissists are in love with who they are and are massively happy with who they are.

This may be a truth for some, but for the majority of narcissists out there, they are insanely insecure.

Most narcissists are NOT happy with who they are, and as a result, they want to DESTROY everyone around them.

This is exactly why narcissists are always gossiping about people, going on a smear campaign, stalking people through their foolish flying monkeys, and constantly giving people that reptilian gaze.

They want to either consume the person, destroy the person, or…

Narcissistic people are some of the most jealous people you will come across. And if you cross their path and they are jealous of you, set up your boundaries and create DISTANCE.

They will do everything in their power to destroy you and keep you from becoming successful.

Our massive success is anathema to them.

Narcissistic People Are Insanely Jealous: Avoid Them At All Cost

Jealousy is a mental disorder.

I do not believe that jealousy is just an emotion.

Jealous people see things that are not there. Hear you saying things you never said. And see you doing things you never did.

In their warped and weak minds, they think everything we do is to make them feel less.

Narcissists and their legions of fools (flying monkeys) are second rate losers. And they know this.

This is why they work so hard to make you feel like you are losers. This is why they devalue you and try and drive you crazy.

In their minds, if they can destroy you, then they have done something great.

They cannot process that in thriving and striving to improve yourself that that is how you become great.

But in their warped minds, to destroy something great, and YOU ARE GREAT, that is a sign that they are worth something.

Ignore These Losers At All Cost

When you are dealing with a jealous narcissist, the best thing to do is to ignore them at all costs.

By not giving these fools any attention, you show them how unimportant they are.

There is more power in silence than in confrontation (which is what they want).

Take back your power and be BRAVE ENOUGH to walk away and move on from these jealous losers.

There is no need to help someone who will ALWAYS SEE YOU AS A VILLIAN.

Need Support?

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