Narcissistic People Are Addicts

Narcissistic People Are Addicts

Narcissistic People Are Addicts

For those of us who have had the unfortunate experience of encountering narcissists, we know how addictive these people can be.

It is not uncommon for these people to drink heavily, smoke heavily, watch a lot of adult videos, deal with illegal drugs, and more.

But the one thing that narcissists are genuinely addicted to, and if you take this away from them, they will go insane, is people.

Narcissistic people are like parasites. They need attention, drama, and chaos in their lives. They don’t know how to function without it.

And much like an addict who has an addiction to strong drugs, kicking that drug cold turkey causes so MUCH PAIN to them.

If you really want to get back at your narc, consider going No Contact.

Narcissistic People Are Addicts

Addiction changes people’s minds, and for the worst. One of the reasons why narcs ALWAYS like to find a reason to create drama is that they need that HIGH.

Hurting others gives them a high. It makes them feel like they are important. This is one reason why they NEED CONSTANT REASSURANCE that they are loved, liked, valued.

Their minds literally cannot deal without the drama; otherwise, they will sink into a state of severe depression.

This is why these people are ALWAYS ON.

Check out this video. As the Doctor said, addictions DO NOT ALWAYS HAVE TO BE DRUGS.


You have to understand this about the narcissist. THEY NEED CHAOS.


It is what gives their lives meaning and purpose.

This is why they do as much as they can to hurt us. They smear us to get our attention. Or take us to court and drag it out because they want us in their lives.

They act out in childish and irrational ways because the crazier they behave, the more worried we are.

And the more worried we are, the more we will…THINK ABOUT THEM.

These low-lives know how UNIMPORTANT THEY ARE.

And they are scared. This is why they behave so irrationally.

By going No Contact or Ghosting them, they will descend into a spiral of chaos.

Cold turkey is NOT EASY, and with a narc, it is torture.

It is like placing them in solitary confinement. And like most people, they will crack under the weight of just being with themselves.

Check out this video. Again we are their drug, and this is exactly what these people g through once we leave their lives.


Make a plan.

Stop looking for ALL the reasons why you CAN’T leave and start thinking of ALL the reasons WHY you need to leave.

Hurting you is like a hit to them.

Stop being their drug.

They Will Drive You Insane: Narcissistic People Are Addicts

If you stay with them…THEY WILL DRIVE YOU…INSANE.

There is no changing them.

And the time and effort you are WASTING on trying to get them to change could be used in changing yourself for the better.

You owe them NOTHING.

I don’t care how bad their childhood was.


You do not need to be a hero to these villains.

If they have hurt you, know that it is all part of their plan to keep you in their lives.

If you want to get back at these addicts who are addicted to hurting people, leave them.

They will go bonkers over not being able to destroy you.

Walk away and let them destroy themselves, and believe me, most of these people usually end up destroying themselves because, as I stated above…THESE PEOPLE ARE ADDICTED TO DRAMA, CHAOS, and DESTRUCTION.

Don’t be their drug.

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