This Is THE Sign Your Narcissist Will Discard You

This Is THE Sign Your Narcissist Will Discard You

Are you looking for signs as to if your loving loveable adorable altruistic narcissist partner will discard you? Well, this is the sign your narcissist will discard you.

Why look for another partner who will love you and treat you with respect when you can just keep on worrying about if your narcissist will discard you.


This indeed must be the epitome of what it is.

Check out my article “How To Find Love Again After A Discard: 10 Things To Do” if you have just been discarded.

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This Is The Sign Your Narcissist Will Discard You

This Is The Sign Your Narcissist Will Discard You

The primary sign that your narcissist will discard you is just at the drop of a dime. These people have no emotional regulation. They jump on to the next best thing that comes across their peripheral.

They will love you one moment and sing praises at how great you are. And then in a split second, they will turn on you.

There is no logic to these people.

If they discard you…rejoice.

You are NOT losing anything amazing by staying with these people. They are hellbent on destroying as much as they can.

Why give them your life to destroy.

Don’t fear being discarded. Fear losing yourself and never being able to get you back.

No Shame In Therapy

Narcissistic people can do a wonder on someone’s mind and psychology. 

In fact, I wrote an article called “10+ Mental Illnesses Caused By Staying With A Narcissists“.

The narcissists and their legion of fools can slowly drive you insane. And sometimes the best help you can ever receive is from a stranger. 

When everyone around you is trying to convince you that YOU are the bad person, sometimes an objective view of you from someone you don’t know maybe what saves you from drowning in the sea of insanity the narc and their legion of fools try and drown you in. 

Therapy can help heal in ways that reading blogs, listening to videos, and talking with other WARRIORS (we are not survivors, we are warriors) can ever do. 

Join my Facebook Fan Page “No Shame In Therapy” to get a 20% discount on your first-month session, as well as articles and updates on the benefits of therapy.

Narcs have a legion of fools behind them to hurt you, I think it would be a good thing to build your own army of warriors and allies to help stand by your side. 

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