The Narcissist Wants To Hurt You Because…

The Narcissist Wants To Hurt You Because…

The Narcissist Wants To Hurt You Because…

Narcissistic people are deranged entitled kidults who believe they deserve everything for being the nothings they are.

And in their warped minds, they know how worthless they really are. They know that people will leave them once they can see who and what they really are, which frightens them to death.

Aside from being spineless cowards, they are also needy children, and the thought of being left haunts them every waking hour.

Much like a child who draws on the wall so that they can get mommy and daddy’s attention, so too will a narcissist SMEAR your name around town so that they can get your attention.

Much like a teen starts to smoke because mom and dad don’t have time for him, so too will a narcissist try and smokescreen us to keep us in their fog of insanity.

The reason narcissists hurt us so badly is that they are trying to leave a mark on us to remember them.

If they can scar us, then we will never forget them, and this is precisely what these nutjobs want.

To be remembered.

This is why going NO CONTACT is so powerful because it like we are killing them.

I know it is not easy, but the most beneficial thing you can do with these people is to ghost them, and this is not a bad thing when used on them or go NO CONTACT.

You will never reach them on a rational level.

Walk away and be free!

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