5 Sure Signs That You’re In A Narcissist Family

5 Sure Signs That You’re In A Narcissist Family

People who live with narcissistic personalities find it difficult to change their habits, even when it starts causing problems.

If you’re living in a family of narcissists, it is probably easier to find yourself getting along with their will and demand to avoid waves of anger and coldness.

Therefore, understanding the signs of narcissistic personality disorder can help someone spot narcissism in a specific family household.

This will help someone protect him/her from their power plays and establish effective, healthier boundaries.

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5 Sure Signs That You’re In A Narcissist Family

1 – The Narcissist Has A Superb Sense Of Personal-Importance ~ Narcissist Family

Narcissist Family

Grandiosity is a common characteristic of selfish people. These people believe that they are unique.

Narcissists will always feel better than anybody else and expect high recognition.

They will only want to be associated and associate with high-status things and places. You will even hear them exaggerating about their talents and achievements.

Whenever they talk about relationships or work, all they say is how excellent they are, how much they contribute, and how lucky the individuals are who are in their lives.

2 – Exploits Other People Without Shame or Guilt

Narcissist Family

Narcissists lack empathy, in other words. They cannot recognize other people’s feelings. In most cases, they view others like objects (toys for their pleasure) to serve and fulfill their needs.

Essentially, the narcissist doesn’t think more about how their behavior might be affecting others.

When you point it out, they cannot take it seriously; they will only understand their needs and make them happy.

3 – They Gaslight You ~ Narcissist Family

Narcissist Family

Gaslighting is a form of feeling being emotionally abused or manipulated. Narcissism might falsely accuse others, distort your reality, spew blatant lies, or spin the truth. Below are signs of being gaslighted

(a) You start feeling like your wrong everywhere and in everything you do

(b) You start feeling less confident and anxious.

(c) You start apologizing regularly.

(d) You start wondering if you are becoming too sensitive.

(e) You always sense something wrong, but you are not identifying the problem.

(f) You start making excuses for your partner’s habits.


I call myself the Rational Humorist. Narcs to me are cancer to humanity. The only way to beat cancer is to fight back against it.

The best way to defeat a narc is to see them as the jokes they are.

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  1. Hi ,

    Great site.

    All my in-laws are dangerous, malignant & covert Narcs. Truly Wolves in Sheeps clothes.

    I need help & advice b4 i go insane with them. I have a family wedding with them all in July & every day I feel sick thinkung about it & think of leaving my wife.

    I’d love to hear from you. My email below.

    I emailed queenbee but got no response which is supposed to be a good resourse online.

    My minds that confused. Ive looked at walking out on my marriage several times, but why shoukd i be the loser & my kids miss out. They eoukd never understand it & think i was the bad guy.

    Its like being in a mafia circle where my wifes siblings stick together as they keep The Grandurised Family thing going which all comes fron their dad, whom i can obly describe as Hitler. He passed away now, but his games,schemes & nasty things he said to me over yrs, has left psychological wounds..

    If i mentiin it to my family ie siblings, they say its all in my head & to stop rouninating abiut them as its becoming like a disease.

    I firmly believe if father in law hadve lasted much longer, i wouldve been 6 feet under with lone caregiving stress of his demands or wouldve had no option to walk out.

    Im struggling to f8nd someone on this planet who truly understands them. Theyre all carbin copies of their dad. All 3 of them but 2 worse & 1 just about bearable.

    Im just desperate to find a talking Group for NVD ie victims of NPD .

    I think i may have PTED ( Embitterment) from yrs of psychological abuse.

    Hope you can help me. A chat wiuld be nice.

    Any feedback, most appreciated.

    I live in North West England.

    Kindest regards

    1. Hi Simon, I won’t tell you to walk away from your family but you have to take care of you and your mental health. Narcissistic enablers will tell you you’re crazy so they don’t have to deal with the real issue. My advice is to find a therapist you can trust that has no connections with your family so you can be free to talk and deal with the issues properly in a safe space

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