How To Get a Narcissist Back After Narcissist Discard Phase

How To Get a Narcissist Back After Narcissist Discard Phase

The Narcissist Discard Phase can be brutal. It can make you start to research, as you are doing now, how to make a narcissist come crawling back to you/ or vice versa.

There are several things you can do to learn how to win back a narcissist after discard.

We all know that narcissists are the only people who will ever love us.

In this article, I will show you how to get a narcissist back after a discard

I will give you all the necessary steps to learn how to make a narcissist want you back and not only want you back but also keep you in their lives forever.

Are you excited to get back into a toxic relationship with someone who treated you like trash?

If so, then…

Get ready to run. 


Run as fast as you can, back into their loving fist…um, their loving arms.

Yeah. Yeah.


Their loving arms are what I meant to say.

There is no greater love that one can ever give — than to give it to someone WHO HAS NO CONCEPT OF LOVE

I mean, if Hollywood (a place where FICTION IS MADE) says it is real…it must be real. I mean, this idea of an angel changing a demon into a loving creature has to be real.

It is in movies.

“And it’s on Tv; So it has to be real.” (Get the references, sound off in the comments if you do.)

What is the narcissist discard phase?

The narcissist discard is when a narcissist breaks up with their partner. It is usually sudden and unexpected and can leave the victim feeling confused and hurt. 

The narcissistic relationship may also blame their partner for the breakup, and try to make them feel guilty. They may also threaten to harm themselves or their partner if they try to leave.

What are the signs of the narcissist discard phase?

Narcissists are notoriously difficult to be in a relationship with. They can be charming and attentive one minute, and then cold and distant the next. If you’re in a relationship with a narcissist, you may have noticed this pattern of behavior.

The narcissist discard is when the narcissist ends the relationship suddenly and without warning. This can be a devastating experience for the victim, who is left feeling confused, hurt, and rejected.

There are some common signs that you may be in the narcissist’s discard.

These include:

  • The narcissist becomes increasingly critical of you and your relationship.
  • The narcissist starts to withdraw from you emotionally and physically.
  • The narcissist begins to flaunt their new conquests or partners in front of you.

How does the narcissist discard happen?

Narcissists are experts at making you feel like you are the most important person in the world – until they don’t need you anymore. Then, they will abruptly discard you with no explanation. This is known as the narcissist discard.

The narcissist discard can be confusing and painful. You may be left feeling abandoned, rejected, and worthless. But it’s important to understand that this is not personal. Narcissists do this to everyone they meet eventually.

There are three main reasons why narcissists discard their victims: they’ve found someone new, they’re bored, or they need to punish you for something. If you’ve been discarded by a narcissist, know that it has nothing to do with who you are as a person.

Why does the narcissist discard happen?

Narcissists are notoriously difficult to get along with. One minute they love you and the next they can’t stand you. This is because narcissists operate on a very different emotional wavelength from the rest of us. They are constantly seeking validation and attention, and when they don’t get it, they become angry and withdraw.

The narcissist’s discard is when they suddenly cut off all contact with you, often without any explanation. This can be extremely confusing and hurtful, especially if you were in a long-term relationship with them.

There are a few possible reasons why the narcissist might discard you. Firstly, they may have simply lost interest in you and moved on to someone else who they think will give them more attention.

How To Win Back a Narcissist After Devaluation: Narcissist Discard

Do narcissists really stop thinking about you just like that after the discard?

Well, the answer depends on how valuable you are to them. 

Suppose you added no real value to the narcissist’s life, then the answer is no. They will forget about you and move on to the next victim.

But if you were a good narcissistic supply and knew your place in their lives, then the answer is yes, and they will try and hoover you.

So you will not have to go chasing after them. The narcissist will call you back when they need you in their lives for something. 


You can go running back to them like Fido with your head held high and your tail wagging in excitement. 

This article is dedicated to helping you get back into a relationship with these toxic people because we all know that they are the only ones who will ever love you and make you feel loved.

Despite all their beatings, name-calling, cheating, and devaluing of your self-esteem, these people have nothing but love for you, and you must fight for this love.

You must learn to beg for their love, like a dog.

Remember, this is what real true mature love looks like. 

I will show you how to get a narcissist to talk to you again after throwing you away like garbage.

Once you do this, you will then be made whole again.

Are you ready?

Let us proceed.

Step # 1: Understand That You Are Worthless – “You Have No Self Worth”

narcissist discard phase

You must get rid of this stubborn notion that you are someone and something without the narcissist.

What type of egoistical person are you to think that you deserve:

  • respect from the narcissists
  • respect from their peers and family
  • self-respect
  • respect from the dog
  • Respect from the Mailman…the MAILMAN, “Who do you think you are…Huh? HUH?????”

See, it is your egoism that was getting in the way.

You have to understand that you are NOTHING without narcissistic relationships.

So what you need to do to win them back is:

  • Crawl on your knees like an animal (make sure your nose is to the ground; that shows FULL submission) when you go back to them apologizing for something you didn’t do or for something that didn’t even happen. Also, make sure that you whimper, grovel, and place your nose on the ground. That will turn your narcissist on.
  • Sing praises of the narcissist’s worthiness (even if your narcissist is an old bald hag, male or female). Make sure you sing praises of the glory that is them, even if they do NOTHING EXCEPTIONAL.
  • Say yes to everything they demand…um, I mean, ask. (If they tell you to steal some alcohol; DO IT.)
  • Stop thinking for yourself. This is what made you so stupid…” thinking for yourself.” When will you learn that to be smart with a narcissist means to do anything they tell you — even if they ask you to destroy your life; know it is for a good reason.
  • Accept all their blame: Even though they discarded you take responsibility for it. You were the one discarding the narcissist by them discarding you. This makes sense, right?

By understanding that you are NOTHING, you can become SOMETHING with the narcissist. I mean, having a life outside the narcissist is a ludicrous idea.

The narcissist is the Alpha and the Omega. They are the beginning, and they are the end. They are the sunshine and sunset.

Narcissists thrive on our worship.

Step # 2: Show Your Loyalty

narcissist discard phase

So you have CARING families and friends who want the best for you?

(Explicit) them. 

They need to mind their own d*mn business.

Am I right, or am I right?

They can’t see that these godly beings (because they are so much more than any of us can hope to be) who come from the lowest depth of reality — from a place to which even Satan dares not venture for fear of his existence — can someday…LOVE US.

Hollywood and TV wouldn’t lie to us, right?

So if you have kids and the narcissist doesn’t like them, kick their precious little @sses to the curb. They can always find another mother or father.

But for us…we will never find a partner like a narcissist again.

So, sometimes you have to make sacrifices.

What is being a parent when compared to being a lover of a narcissist?

Step # 3: Lose Your Glimmer Of Self Respect

narcissist discard phase

Say it loud, “I’m NOTHING and proud.” 

Narcissistic people love people who have no self-respect or self-esteem or self image. 

So what you will need to learn is that you are nothing. Lose your self-respect as a human being. Wallow in the pit of self-pity to cover yourself in worthlessness.

After bathing yourself in the pit of pity, you will arise, now, unpurified and worthless.

Your hopes…gone.

Your dreams…dead.

You as a person…ha. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

This will please your narcissistic god/goddess.

They Are Not Worth Getting Back With

Do Narcissists Come Back After Narcissist Discards?

Only if you let them.


This is a spoof. I did another article (about making your narcissist envious to which some people took seriously), and I will CONTINUE to do articles like this.


Narcissistic people are not worth getting back with. Ignore their smear campaign, their silent treatment, and their final discard.

I know it may be difficult as they may have been your “first.” Or they may have created such a strong trauma bond with you.

But love is NOT SUFFERING. Click To Tweet

Don’t get that twisted. The love I have for my loved ones does NOT require that they ever suffer for me or because of me.

So if you want to get back with your narcissist…STOP.

Stop spending time on these parasites. They are not worth it.

Stop focusing on how to make a narcissist want you back.

Because these people will never love you, they are devoid of feeling for other people. It is just in their genetic makeup.

There are plenty of people out there who will love you for YOU. You can always find a healthy relationship.

But it will never be with the narcissist.


3 thoughts on “How To Get a Narcissist Back After Narcissist Discard Phase

  1. I loved your true. Thank you for pointing out it’s a spoof. There are people who might take it God Bless You. Let’s continue to expose and take down those evil demonic abusive selfish narcissists. Your articles are awesome. Keep up the Good work.

  2. Rational humorist is perfect description! I laughed heartily several times , smiled during most all of it.thankyou just today I got honest let go and can see and really enjoy your sense of honest humor.i realized in hitting button for your article it should be sarcastic,I find hilarious (sorry)that I’m sure people freshly discarded ACTUALLY hit to try n go back ☮️☮️☮️

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