Narcissism What Is It?

Narcissism What Is It?

Narcissism What Is It?

For many of us who have had the unfortunate experience of interacting with these people, narcissists are many things.

They are monsters that hide and lurk in society.

Narcissists are manipulators of the highest order who seem to be able to sway much of society in their favor.

Narcissistic people to others are demons or hellspawn.

Hell, I often think they are darker and more malevolent creatures than Satan itself (I highly doubt that Satan is either Male or female –but that is a topic for another day).

Narcissists, for many, are dangerous individuals who seem to have the power to destroy a life.

But what I think narcissism is and what narcissists are…is very different.

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Narcissism What Is It?

Narcissism, to me, is IMMATURITY at the highest level. It is having grown-ass adults who are in their 30s, 40s, hell even in their 70s behave as if they were still five years old.

Narcissism, to me, is having a grown-ass adult parade around as a kidult — a kid in an adult body.

To me, narcissists are not the dangerous and scary people that so many of us have made them out to be.

Now, am I siding with them?


I am showing what type of children these people are.

To yell and scream because you do not get what you want is CHILDISH.

To tear someone down because they left you is WEAK AS HELL.

Talking behind someone’s back and sabotaging them is a sign of cowardice.

Hitting and throwing temper tantrums is what a three-year-old does when they are told they can’t have ice cream for breakfast.

Now, yes, I know that there are many narcs out there who hit and hurt people.

But in the kidult and immature minds, they believe that if they can scare people into doing what they want, they can get what they want.

When you stand up to them and let them know that YOU ARE NOT SCARED OF THEM, that is when their perceivable power over you starts to wane.

Narcissists Are Cowards Who Are Scared To be Alone

Listen, these people are not as powerful as you think. They fear to be alone. They fear not getting attention. And they fear to live a life WITHOUT US IN IT.

Think about it.

If they really didn’t care about us or care that we left them, would they keep on harassing and stalking us?

Would they keep on sending their flying monkeys to spy on us?

Would they still be thinking about us?

They fear that we can live our lives without them because they cannot live their lives without us.

Narcissists are parasites.


And when we can walk away and live our lives the way that we want to, that effectively shows them HOW LITTLE POWER THEY HAVE OVER US.

And this kills them.

They are such power-hungry fools.

They feel a need to control because they are scared that everyone will leave them.

Narcissistic People and Narcissism Are A Joke

Narcissism What Is It?

It is cowardice passing itself off as brave.

It is weakness trying to parade as strength. (Oh how false this is when they get OTHERS to stand by their side).

It is irrationality trying to behave as if it is rational.

It is immaturity not understanding how immature it is.

But most of all, narcissism is FALSENESS.

It is to live a life of falseness. Never knowing what they could be because they are so caught up in trying to be everything OTHER than what they are.

Do not fear the narcissist. See them for what they are, and I promise you, your healing process will be so much easier.

2 thoughts on “Narcissism What Is It?

  1. I truly believe Narcissism is preferring delusions over reality, it accounts for all the falseness including the false perfect self and the false narrative is in which they believe they are in.

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