Narc Logic: What Is It? Hey! Don’t Ask, Just Accept

Narc Logic: What Is It? Hey! Don’t Ask, Just Accept

Narc Logic

Narc logic.

What is “Narcissistic Logic” you may be asking?

For many of us who have been around narcissists, we oftentimes question ourselves. Did we say something wrong? Did we do something wrong? Why are they so angry? How did this happy picnic all of a sudden turn into a nightmare in hell? Who is to blame?

Did they…did they actually…stomp around?

Ah! How adorable!

It can be frustrating dealing with a toddler who acts up; still, bless their hearts.

But dealing with a kidult is…is…well, you know.

If you are wondering what narcissistic logic is then let me explain.


What Is Narc Logic?

Narc Logic

Narcissistic logic is:

You had a great day and they had a bad day. Why did they have a bad day? Because you had a good day?

NARC LOGIC!!!!!!!!!

You achieved a dream. They lived a nightmare. Why did they live a nightmare? Because you were achieving a dream. How does that work?


You are in a relationship with a narcissist. You glance over in the direction of an attractive person. Not looking or noticing them — but looking for a sign to the bathroom. Because you looked in their direction that means you want them. What sense does this make?


You guys argue over them doing something blatantly wrong. When do they take responsibility?


A dragon from the depths of Ripenthorth came up and devoured the narcissist reasoning and you weren’t there to slay the dragon with the sword of Almexicaral. And because you weren’t there, the dragon took their reasoning. And now…now they are forever lost in the forest of Disturba bound to forever be less than. Feeding and eating on the shrubs of Nonexica and…and…and…um…

Does any of this make sense?


Who cares?


Irrationality and Immaturity is Narcissistic Logic

Narc Logic

Narcissistic logic is logic that makes sense only to the narcissists. It is a complete absence of reasoning, rationality, and responsibility. Whenever the narcissist feels like they will be washed with the sacred water called “RESPONSIBILITY” they use their innate irrational power of Narc Logic to counteract any responsibility.


Narcissistic logic is their howl. It is their growl. It is the narcissist’s self-defense to ward off any type of reasoning they may have to encounter in life.

Why grow up when you can remain forever stuck in the state of toddlerhood?

Nothing beats life more than being a kidult.


Come on. Come on.

You know what I’m going to say.


Down. Down. And Stay! (Parody on “Up. Up. And Away”)



Don’t Let The Narc Logic Drive You Insane

Don’t let the narc logic drive you insane. Otherwise, you end up like poor ol’ Grimy.

2 thoughts on “Narc Logic: What Is It? Hey! Don’t Ask, Just Accept

  1. So true!

    Now, I must ask, does anyone know what do these words mean to the author of this post:
    “Ripenthorth, Almexicaral, Disturba, and Nonexica”?

    Is it, narcissist jargon? And if so, what does it mean to them?

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