My Experience with a Narcissistic Childhood Bully

My Experience with a Narcissistic Childhood Bully

My Experience with a Narcissistic Childhood Bully

Written by: Ezekiel

There is no doubt that being bullied in childhood has a way of affecting a person in adulthood. But that is the story of my life. I was bullied a lot in school, but something good came out of it; I can now know to handle such situations as they also occur in workplaces.

As a man, being bullied is not something you go snitching about. This is probably the reason why I never told my parents or my principal. I did not want other people to suffer for my tribulations. The worst part is that my bully was a narcissist who would swear that the torment would only increase should I mention it to anyone.

There are many times that I wanted to talk about it but never had the chance for fear of reprisal. To start with, I came from a very close-knit community on the outskirts of Atlanta, GA.

This is the kind of community where everyone knew each other. For this reason, my neighbors’ kids were the same kids I went to school with and went fishing during the weekends. Sadly, there was Levi. Levi decided to make my life a living hell even before we moved to Clayton. Why he disliked me, I have no idea.

Being my neighbor, you would expect that he would welcome us with open arms, but he made it clear that it would not happen from the word go.

I made friends pretty quickly, and I soon fitted into the community. I can only imagine what kids nowadays go considering that we live in a tech-savvy world where everything can be shared within seconds.

My Experience with a Narcissistic Childhood Bully

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At the time, technology had not penetrated society to the level it is today, so Levi always publicly humiliated me. I got to the point where I lost interest in almost everything.

I became the kid who would be left out when the others are going for games and other extracurricular activities. The worst part is that I always pretended to put on a brave face but often wondered why I became an instant target for the bullies in our neighborhood.

Levi’s actions towards me only encouraged other kids to target me and sunk into a new low. I can now intuitively comprehend how people being bullied feel, but the question is, what motivates the bully?

This is the reason that I have decided to tell my story. To encourage not just kids but adults alike not to feel sorry for themselves so that the society cannot normalize bullying, especially male kids and adults.

We often think that men are superior in some way; hence, they should always learn to fight their battles. When facing a childhood bully, the downside of that is that the circumstances can easily backfire on you, especially if you are new.

There is a narcissistic tendency of the bully playing the victim, claiming that you are out to destroy. Suddenly, you move from being the victim to the enemy within.

That is not a place you want to be as it is a whole different form of nightmare. In high school, I cannot even remember the number of times that I skipped classes.

It became hard to make friends because, in one way or the other, I would assume that the friends I made would go ahead and say abhorrent things about me.

My Experience with a Narcissistic Childhood Bully

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Despite having a traumatizing schooling experience, I was willing to excel and stand up to my bullies but differently. I found myself someone who could mentor me through high school as I was falling behind on my grades.

The mentorship helped me a lot to become the person I am today. Determined to make a meaningful contribution to society, I passed my SATs and was enrolled at Georgia State University.

Here, the experience was a little different from what I went through high school. I made the decision to chase my pursuits for a better future since my high school experience had taught me a lot.

Considering that not many people knew what I was going through, it is only fair that they thought I had no potential-but my potential was within.

I started viewing the world from a different angle and decided to take communications as my major-perhaps to be a voice for the voiceless.

Getting from the bubble of self-pity and blaming others took time.

However, what I regret the most is having never spoken about it.

I was expecting my bullying experience to affect my childhood, but it turns out to be the opposite. What happens is that when people keep saying fallacious things about you, you start believing in what they are saying.

My Experience with a Narcissistic Childhood Bully

You will feel inferior and less human, and there are many times that you will wallow in self-pity only to wake up to the same predicament. This is not the kind of life that I wished for myself, which is why I have made the decision to stay positive.

Every day, I walk out of my apartment with my head held high, go to work, and be the best I can be. If I met Levi today, I am not sure what I would say to him.

Perhaps the reason he did all that was not that I was the problem, he was. I have no trouble making friends, and in fact, it has become easier. I wouldn’t expect him and his clique of bullies to apologize, but an apology would be an amazing sign of admittance of guilt. But it is too late for that, right?

Now more than ever, I will focus on my life and how to make life better for others. There are still many children who encounter bullying. The male gender is probably the most affected group since nobody is willing to talk.

It is not a sign of weakness to seek help. The bullying will only get worse if you allow it to continue.

Have A Story To Tell?

If you have a story to tell, feel free to contact me here. Your story of how you escaped can be the blueprint for other people!

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