Narcissists Megalomaniac Are Parasites, And We Are The Host

Narcissists Megalomaniac Are Parasites, And We Are The Host


The title above, “Narcissists Megalomaniac Are Parasites And We Are The Host,” is not meant to be a verbal insult against narcissists. But instead, an objective observational comment. Narcs are, in every sense of the word, what you would call…a parasite. And empaths are the hosts.

What I find very interesting in my research about parasites — is that many of these parasites’ intentions are not at all too dissimilar to the intention of the narcissists.

Parasites only know how to survive by feeding on a host. They cannot survive if they do not have a host. And to better draw the parallels between parasites and narcissists is that parasites use mind control on their host to get their host to do what they want.

As vulgar as this may sound (to compare a narc to a parasite), the truth is that narcs are very much like parasites. And in this article, I will give you a few examples of parasites and compare them to narcissists.

Just like there are several types of narcs. Different kinds of Narcs there are also several different types of parasites out there.

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Narcissists Megalomaniac Are Parasites


Before we venture into this article, I think it would be salient to have a clear definition of what a parasite is.

Parasites depend on other biological hosts to derive nutrition, shelter, and other benefits while harming the host. – biology wise

The relationship between a parasite and a host is called parasitism. And what parasitism is (and after reading this, you will be better able to see the relationship between narcs and parasites):

Parasitism is an association in which two organisms of different taxonomic posi­tions live together where one enjoys all sorts of benefits (like a derivation of nourishment, repro­duction, etc., which are basic requirements for exis­tence) at the expense of the other. – biology discussion

There are several types of parasites — but for this article, I will mention only a few that relate to the different types of narcissists.

The Different Parasitic Narcs


A quick refresher on the different types of narcs.

They are:

The Classical Narcissist:

“It’s all about meeeeeeeee!”

These are the narcs that most people think of when they hear the word narcissists. They are the ones who are loud, obnoxious, and in desperate NEED of attention and validation.

The Vulnerable Narcissist:

These are the narcs who want power and influence but want that power from the shadows. They will manipulate others to do their will. They often come off as shy or insecure, but that is just a mask.

The Malignant Narcissist (The Megalomaniac):

These are the aggressive narcs and the narcs who will want COMPLETE CONTROL. They are not at all above driving their host…um…partner to (TRIGGER WARNING! TRIGGER WARNING! TRIGGER WARNING!) kill themselves.

You can read more about the different types of narcs here The Different Narcs

The Different Parasites

Toxoplasma gondii


The Toxoplasma gondii is a single-celled parasite. This parasite infects rodents. This parasite causes a rat to lose its instinctual fear of cat urine.

Rodents have been hardwired to run as fast as they can when they smell the cat’s urine; it is a survival thing. But the Toxoplasma gondii parasite alters the rat’s instinct and makes it so the rat will not be fearful of a cat.

The parasite’s goal is to cause the rat to be eaten so that it can complete its life cycle. It uses the rat for its survival.

The classical narc is not too dissimilar to this parasite as they can turn off our common sense.

We can see the red flags, but we still fall for narcissists’ games and lies.



The Glyptapanteles is a parasitic wasp that creates Stockholm Syndrome in its host. This parasite is rather cruel because it plants its eggs in caterpillars (young caterpillars).

When the larvae start to emerge — the caterpillar will stop eating and take care of itself to protect the larvae. The caterpillar will also defend this parasite against prey.

This is precisely what covert, fragile, or vulnerable narcs do. They get others to fight for them, defend them, and take care of them while they sit back, being….weak and vulnerable.

Spinochordodes tellinii

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The Spinochordodes tellinii is a parasite that would be more in alignment with the Malignant Narcissist.

What this particular parasitic worm does is live in an area where grasshoppers go-to drink. They live in the water so the grasshopper can consume them.

After entering the grasshopper, the parasitic worm then induces mind-controlling chemicals in the grasshopper that disrupts the central system.

Once this happened, once they have entered the grasshopper, they then force the grasshopper to kill itself by jumping into the water and drowning itself so that its bloodline can still live on.

This is NOT too dissimilar to how narcissistic people enter someone’s life only to use them for their purpose. And that purpose is to TAKE A LIFE for their own pleasure.

Think of the partners who marry into riches only to get their partner to die mysteriously or to die by suicide so they can collect the money for themselves.

Narcs Can’t Survive By Themselves

I am a HUGE advocate of going NO CONTACT. By not giving the narc any of our time, or attention, or even being in our proximity — the narc then loses a host to feed on.

Narcs are a parasite. They cannot survive by themselves.

And yes, I know as human beings, we are social creatures. But there is harmony in a group of like-minded people.

Wolf packs are strong because they all work together.

Lion packs are strong because they work together.

The parasitic relationship (as explained above) only helps the parasite, not the host.

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The best way to get revenge or to save yourself is to go with no contact. If you have to leave your state, region, or offices…do so.

They will drive you insane or in some cases, encourage you to do something that can’t be undone.

And life…no matter how hard they may try and make it out to be… is ALWAYS worth living.

Stay Strong.

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