Me and My Broken Heart: We Must Never Be Broken By The Narcissist

Me and My Broken Heart: We Must Never Be Broken By The Narcissist

Me and My Broken Heart

We must never be broken by the narcissist. In losing our self-esteem and shattering our dreams we give pleasure to the narcissist. Narcissistic people have an insatiable desire to destroy as many lives as possible.

We must never be broken by their irrational actions.

Nothing makes a narcissist happier than to destroy and break someone who had so much going for their lives.

And this is because narcissistic people, for all their flair of dramatics about being great, are INSECURE JEALOUS PEOPLE.

To destroy and break someone amazing is a victory and a badge of success for them.

For many of us who are able to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, deal with the slings and arrows of criticism and UNJUSTIFABLE hatred — and smile, as well as laugh about how we overcame it…DESTROYS THEM.

We must never be broken by these creatures.

They are hellbent on destruction.

And they are hellbent on shattering dreams.

This is because these people are broken and they are living a nightmare.

The sheer self-hatred they have for themselves is what makes them act the way they do.

But just because they have that much hatred for themselves and others doesn’t mean we need to.

To hate them…is to make them think their way is right.

To move on and heal, grow and become better shatters their perception and thinking.

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Broken Empaths Are Their Greatest invention: Me and My Broken Heart

Broken Empaths

Broken empaths are narcissist’s greatest inventions.

Giving up on your dreams. Giving up on yourself. Wavering to the insanity that is the narcissist is what they live for.

The best revenge and the best way to defeat them is to remain TRUE to who you are.

They may throw trash on your name. They may gossip and spread rumors.

(Boy do they love a good ol’ smear campaign.)

And they may try and sink you down to their lowly level.

But we must never go down to their level.

We must always take the higher road and be a better person.

As the Great Marcus Aurelius once said, “The greatest revenge in life is to be unlike him who has done you the harm.”

We Will Not Be Broken

It is my mission to help uplift, help, and to inspire as many people as possible.

Never give up on yourself. Never give up on your dreams. And never give up on your LIFE.


No Shame In Therapy

Narcissistic people can do a wonder on someone’s mind and psychology. 

In fact, I wrote an article called “10+ Mental Illnesses Caused By Staying With A Narcissists“.

The narcissists and their legion of fools can slowly drive you insane. And sometimes the best help you can ever receive is from a stranger. 

When everyone around you is trying to convince you that YOU are the bad person, sometimes an objective view of you from someone you don’t know maybe what saves you from drowning in the sea of insanity the narc and their legion of fools try and drown you in. 

Therapy can help heal in ways that reading blogs, listening to videos, and talking with other WARRIORS (we are not survivors, we are warriors) can ever do. 

Join my Facebook Fan Page “No Shame In Therapy” to get a 20% discount on your first-month session, as well as articles and updates on the benefits of therapy.

Narcs have a legion of fools behind them to hurt you, I think it would be a good thing to build your own army of warriors and allies to help stand by your side. 

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