7 Reasons You Should Marry A Narcissist

7 Reasons You Should Marry A Narcissist

So you want to marry your narcissists? Marrying a narcissist can bring so much joy and pleasure into your life.

Oh! You don’t believe me?

You say “that is just silly talk?”

Well, allow me to give you seven good reasons as to why you should be married to a narcissistic man or married to a female narcissist.

Learn why and how you can marry a narcissist.

Live a fantasy that others only wish they could live. Fall in love with the sheer insanity, the depraved mentality of just seeing and making others suffer, and just the sheer irrationality of smiling one moment and crying the next.



You know the old saying, “the family that drives people insane together, stay together.”

Learn how to shut out all your friends and families, just so you can stay or be married to a narcissistic husband/ or wife.

Who needs family and friends — you know people who have been in your LIFE for as long as you can remember — when you have a narcissist?

I mean…come on?

Am I right?


I’m right.

There is no better life that one can have then but to waste it…um…live it with someone as fantastic as a narcissist.

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7 Reasons You Should Marry A Narcissist

1 – They Are Super- Duper Loyal: Marry A Narcissist

“Can I marry a narcissist?”

I often hear this question and wonder why would anyone ask this question. Of course, you can marry a narcissist.

Narcissists are some of the most misunderstood people you will ever come across.

Society paints these lovable, faithful, adorable, loving, sincere, honest, upright, terrific, amazing people out to be monsters. All because of these people:

  • Gaslight and drive people insane
  • Project their insecurities and weakness on others
  • Blameshift on the drop of a dime
  • Devalue everyone they come in contact with
  • Destroy people’s lives and careers because of things they said or did 10 or 15 years ago (SJW are Good People; Aren’t They? Gotta Stay WOKE!)
  • Neurologically F*ck Up People
  • Cause PTSD in their OWN CHILDREN

Society is so cruel toward narcissists.

It’s these d*mn intelligent empaths making them out to be monsters.

D*mn snobs.

If you are considering marrying a narcissist, then go for it.


Including logic and reasoning.

“Critical thinking get your @ss out of here. We don’t want you.”

Just know that if you marry your narcissist, they will remain TOTALLY FAITHFUL TO YOU.

Even when they cheat on you and make you look like a fool. It is just to become a better sleazebag…um…I mean lover for you!

So, go for it.

Live that Hollywood make-believe fairytale.

2 – They Are Excellent Lovers: Because Sex and Lovemaking Are The Same Things

Hey, to hell with anyone who tells you marrying a narcissist is stupid when you say, “I want to marry a narcissist.”

Your loving, caring family don’t know sh*t.

What do parents know anyway, right?

Or grandparents.

They are just all getting old and senile.

And your best friends who have always wanted the best for you, and always have, are just jealous they couldn’t snag a price like your narcissist.

The best thing about the narcissist is the wild sex.

They are “Sex Gods“, and this is precisely why so many people are jealous.

Lovemaking doesn’t have sh*t on wild crazy rough sex.

3 – They Are So Honest: Marry A Narcissist

The one attribute that you can count on from narcissists who lies, cheats, manipulates, and gaslight people is that they are honest people.

See, what you are probably not seeing is that they are SO SMART AND WISE.

They are not lying to us, they are just distorting the truth.

Hey, they are not the same. They are different.

How are the different, you ask?



Shut up!

Stop asking questions and just keep thinking about a lie that will never be.

4 – Let’s Be Honest You Just Can’t Do Better Than Them

Let’s be honest.

In this world full of 7+ billion people, the chances of finding love again are slim.

I mean, if you can’t be in a relationship with an insane…um… an outstanding person like a narcissist, how can you ever think you will be good enough for anyone else.

Out of the 7 BILLION PEOPLE ON THIS PLANET, love is scarce!

So just deal with their insanity because marriage, that prison, um…that loving bondage…uh…that amazing toxic union….wait, I mean that beautiful union will make things all better.

Just look at the divorce rates!

5 – They Will Always Put You First: Marry A Narcissist

Because narcissists are so honest, loyal, and faithful, you can bet they will also put you first.

You will come first…RIGHT AFTER:

  • Them (of course)
  • Their toxic family members
  • Their “friends”
  • The Flying Monkeys
  • The Enablers
  • Chuck (the guy they work with)
  • Michelle (their boss they work for)
  • Mitch (the neighbor next door)
  • Henry (Mitch’s French Bulldog)
  • Irene (the next-door neighbor who your partner seems to be eyeing quite a lot)
  • Hank (The mailman)
  • John (The garbage man)
  • The trash on the floor
  • And the turd in the toilet bowl

After ALL OF THIS…you will come first

Unless something else comes along, then back of the line.

6 – They Will Cherish Your Kids

Narcissist, kidults?


There is no one else as more mature and sophisticated as a narcissist.

Fighting with kids and teens is just beneath them.

So, if you have kids, know you will have a great role model for them.

You kids will be strong living through the hell the narcissist will put them through.

Be prepared to give your kids PTSD and later maybe even hating you for putting up with these people.

But hey, what is the love of our kids when we have the love of a narcissist, right?

7 – They Will Treat You With Respect

The name-calling is just teasing.

The lying is not to hurt your feelings.

And the guilt trips they take you on are the best vacations they will ever give you.

This…this is supreme respect.

This Is a Spoof

Listen, there is NO GOOD REASON ever to marry a narcissist. They will destroy yours and your kid’s lives if they get the chance.

If your family and friends are telling you NOT to do it and you see the signs…STOP.

Stop thinking you can change them.



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