How To Deal With Low Women: 15 Signs Of A Low Valued Women

How To Deal With Low Women: 15 Signs Of A Low Valued Women

Low women are more common than you think. This article is my take on Alux’s “15 signs of low-valued women.” 

Low-value women are some of the most toxic, narcissistic, and immoral people on this planet.

They feed off of drama, chaos, and emotion. If there were a definition of a kidult, they would fit the bill 100%. 

In this article, I want to give my views on what a low-value woman is and hopefully help my fellow good guys out here to avoid them at all costs. 

Check out Alux’s video “15 Signs of a Low-Value Woman” below: 

Low Women

How To Deal With Low Women: 15 Signs Of A Low Valued Women

Low Women

15 Signs Of A Low Valued Women

1 – Delusionally Inflated sense of value – Low Women

Females today are insanely delusional. They can be overweight, have a low vocabulary, whore around for attention and think they are “queens.” 

“Slay it, queen” has become a slogan for many delusional women.

Now, having a healthy self-esteem is an essential thing to have a good life.

But anything in excess is always a bad thing.

Many low-value females believe themselves to be more attractive than they are, and I guess this is because of how many “low-value” males chase after them.

Social media is littered with legions of loser low-value males who want attention as much as these low-value females. 

And these low-value males who gas up these low-value females’ image of themselves are a crucial factor as to why many have such a delusional image of themselves. 

“I’m out of shape, ignorant as hell, and barely passing to be a 5 out of 10, but I’m a queen.”

It sounds harsh, but this is the truth. 

2 – They play games – Low Women

Low-value females LOVE DRAMA. They love playing games of “break up just to makeup.” 

They want to be constantly chased because they view being sought after as the highest acclaim they ever achieve in their lives. 

They never grow up, enter their 30s, 40s, and even 50+ and still think they can shit test guys to see if they will put up with their games. 

These females are not living in the real world. 

3 – Insults and Shames others – Low Women

Low Women
Low Women

They are not above emotional abuse. In fact, “other people’s pain is their pleasure.” 

These females are insanely sadistic. 

They love putting others down because it gives them a sense of being powerful.

They find strength in tearing down those around them.

And what is crazy is that a guy who shows here respect is seen as a weak man.

She will belittle, tease, mock, and be very disrespectful to a man who shows her respect, but a guy who treats her like trash, she enjoys. 

These females belittle others not only because they feel empowered by doing so but because they are emotionally unintelligent.

They confuse disrespect with power; not understanding true power comes from lifting up, not tearing down. 

4 – Loud and inarticulate – Low Women

Uncultured and uncivilized people behave the same way, which is true with low-value females. These females are loud and obnoxious, and this is simply because they want attention.

To these females, attention is currency. 

I honestly believe attention is more than currency for them; it is the air itself. 

They need attention like we need to breathe, and if they are not getting the attention, they feel like they are dying.

These females are loud because, like the kidults, that is the only way they think they can get attention.

They can’t get attention by being unique, so be loud and annoying.

5 – Children from past relationships or marriages – Low Women

These females will have 3 to 5 kids and think they are still highly valued by real men. 

The level of delusion these females have is astounding.

Now, I understand that if a woman has her husband die or leave (if he were toxic), her having kids is not bad.

But for females who go around having kids with different guys, she is of low value.

No real man wants a female who has five kids by five different guys. 

Again, this is a harsh truth, but it is a truth all the same. 

6 – Out of shape – Low Women

Low Women
Low Women

If this article has already offended people, I know this entry will. Low-value females are almost always out of shape.

And why is this a trait of low-value females? 

Because it shows that they have no control over their feelings, they lack willpower, and thus how they will how much drama they create in a relationship.

Staying in shape is a CHOICE

Yes, some females have health issues that cause them to gain weight, but this is not true.

If you are eating out, watching Netflix all day, and not once out of the week trying to exercise, then YOU are the reason you are fat.

True women take care of themselves. 

7 – Trashy – Low Women

Low Women
Low Women

Hoodrat. Ghetto. Ratchet. Trailer Trash.

These are just a few names for these females.

They have no level of class.

These are the females you see at Walmart in their slippers and bathroom robes. 

8 – Unresolved trauma of the past  – Low Women

This entry is not an attack.

But females with a traumatic past have a lot of baggage, bringing that baggage into a relationship. 

A high-value woman is a woman who does not come into a relationship with baggage.

This is not to say if a female was sexually assaulted, she is of low value. Still, the psychological baggage she will bring makes her less desirable than a woman who was not assualted.

Even though she may not have wanted it, this is how SOCIETY views her. 

However, therapy is always an option for women damaged by external agents

9 – Controlling, Jealous, and unable to show trust

These families have a hard time trusting people — and this may be because they lie ALL THE TIME

Gaslighting, projecting, and gaslighting themselves (internalized gaslighting) because they believe that everyone lies; they lie ALL THE TIME

She will go through your phone and email and dig into your personal life as much as possible. 

They have no respect for boundaries. 

10 – Good Time, not a Long Time

These females are loose. 

They are like 7/11, always open to anyone who wants to get inside.

If you miss my meaning.

She is a lady of the streets. 

11 – High body count

There is a double standard for guys and girls with sex.

But this is because sex, for a long time for guys, has always been seen as a physical interaction.

Women rarely had many partners because, to them, sex/lovemaking is a connection of souls. 

Low value, these modern-day feminists think having many guys inside them is okay.

But the truth is that most genuine men who want a wife will not settle for females like this. 

For many men, she is seen as used up. 

Like a car with mileage, most guys will want a car with no mileage on it because it has more value. 

Again, another harsh truth, but a truth all the same. 

12 – Emotionally manipulative 

Low Women
Low Women

They are forever and ALWAYS the victim. 

They use their “weak” image to take advantage of good men and people in society.

Their deluded minds think they have the right to assault men because “I’m a woman.”

This is stupid because no REAL woman would ever attack someone because she has a temper.

It is childish.

In addition, if they make a mistake, they will try and find a way to shift their mistake onto others.

“You made me do it.” 

These females are incredibly childish.

13 – Cares more about impressing other women

Impressing in this regard is more so about them trying to make other women jealous of them.

In their minds, if they can get others to envy them, they feel they have made it or are of high status.

14 – Doesn’t have a plan for her life

Their plan in life is simply finding a sugar daddy or leeching off the government by popping out kids. 

15 – They need to be right all the time

They are never wrong.

Even when they are wrong, it is always someone else fault. 

How To Deal With Toxic Low Valued Women

The best way to deal with these females is to avoid them. You will never be a “Prince Charming” to them because these females thrive and live off of drama. 

They cannot imagine a world where they are not the center of attention. No matter how much you give to them, they will always find a reason to create drama, and even if there is no reason, they will just create drama for no reason.

Your love will never change them for the better.

Avoid these females at all costs. 

Final Words

I know there will be negative feedback from this article, but the truth is that there are many low-value females out there. 

Society always highlights the negativity of men, which they should, but so must we highlight the negativity of females. 

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