Love Is A Practice: Mature Love Is True Love

Love Is A Practice: Mature Love Is True Love

Narcissists Are Passive Lovers

Love Is A Practice

If you ever wonder why your narc is always angry in your relationship…it is because they JUST expect you to deluge them with an unlimited amount of praise, adulation, and love. To them, love is about unlimited giving.

And although they very much represent symbiotic love in the sense that two people come into a relationship and give up something of themselves, narcissists are more like nefarious parasitic symbiote — in the sense they come only to reap the rewards.

To them they want us to give, give and give. And they also want to live off of our success.

The frustration that they show in relationships such as, but not limited to:

  • Constantly blaming
  • Devaluing their partner
  • Cheating on their partner
  • Ignoring
  • Attacking
  • Humiliating
  • and so on

Are all means of trying to keep themselves connected with their partner.

See, in their twisted, immature and childish minds, if they can do wrong to us, we will always remember them and be linked to them.

They truly are like the 8-year-old kid who draws on walls to get mommy and daddy’s attention.

They connect with us in a way that will make us NEED THEM. And the only way for us to need someone like them is to need them to stop:

  • Talking bad about us
  • Spreading rumors
  • Gossiping about us
  • Teasing us
  • Mocking us
  • HOLDING US IN COURT (They don’t want to divorce and if they do they want to make it so we always have to deal with them)

This…this is immature love. And this is the love that SO MANY PEOPLE fall for.

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