Love Is A Practice: Mature Love Is True Love

Love Is A Practice: Mature Love Is True Love

Not Too Dissimilar To Real Life Narcissist

Love Is A Practice

Narcissists are very much like the symbiote from Spider-man lore. They try and connect with people they deem worthy and valuable.

And much like the symbiote, they turn people into WORSE VERSION OF THEMSELVES.

People lose their smiles, their glow, their happiness…and themselves trying to love these creatures.

These creatures thrive on connecting with the person in a way that they will never be able to separate again.

Narcissists, as I have already written in a previous article of mines, are parasites (check out the article “Narcissists are Parasites and We Are The Host“.)

They need a host to survive. They can not survive on their own.

And much like the parasitic symbiotes they are, they require that their host give up something about themselves to connect with them. They need an opening to borrow their slimy beings into our lives.

This symbiotic love or immature love is what a vast majority of people have in society and why so many people have BAD RELATIONSHIPS.

We are taught that love is passive. In the sense that one must FALL IN LOVE or be SWEPT AWAY BY LOVE.

But love, TRUE MATURE LOVE, is not like that.

Love is active, NOT PASSIVE.

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