Learning A New Language Can Help You Combat Your Depression

Learning A New Language Can Help You Combat Your Depression

If you have just gotten out of a narcissistic relationship and are looking to heal try learning a new language. It’s not only fun but very beneficial. And for those of us who have been broken, mentally, this is also a great way to build your mind back up to peak performance.

I wrote an article titled, “Long-term Narcissistic Abuse Can Cause Brain Damage” where I explained how narcissists can cause brain damage in their victims. These people literally try to drive their victims INSANE.

They get great pleasure in breaking people.

And for some people, sad to say MANY PEOPLE, wind up broken after they have left their narcissist. I call these people “Broken Empaths“.

Once people who were smiley, bubbly, and cheerful — who now become the opposite of who they were BEFORE they were with their narcissist.

These people now are:

  • always on edge
  • fearful
  • self-loathing (the self-hatred becomes so PROFOUND)
  • a former shell of themselves

They become exactly what the narcissist wanted them to become; which is BROKEN.

But see, there is light and there is hope.

To be broken DOES NOT MEAN to be destroyed. And just because you are broken doesn’t mean you cannot fix yourself back.

In this article, I give you 5 languages that you may want to learn to help in your mental health development. Learning a new language has been shown to be great in helping you to combat depression.

You may be broken but YOU and YOU ALONE can fix yourself.

5 Languages You May Want To Learn

Learning A New Language Can Help You Combat Your Depression

1 – Spanish

If you live in America, at some time in your school days you may have had to learn Spanish as a second language. Spanish is such an important language to learn as one of our closest neighbors, depending on where you live in the States, is a Spanish speaking country.

And I don’t know about you but many of my childhood friends has always been of Latin origin, so for me, I have a bit of a love for the language and culture.

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2- Mandarin

Mandarin is looking to become a major language in the coming future. Chian is now an economic superpower. And if you want to stay ahead of the curve it would prove most valuable to learn this most important language in today’s global world.

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3 – French

Ah! French. The language of LOVE. This may very well be a language on many peoples list of language to learn. As it not only sounds pleasant but again it is considered by many to be a language of love. And after a narcissistic relationship, it would prove most beneficial to attach yourself to anything that has any semblance of love and positivity.

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4 – Japanese

Japan is a very unique and interesting country. If you are looking for something that is very exotic and unique then you may want to consider learning Japanese.

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5 – Russian

Lastly, Russian. Russia is still a very powerful player in the world and learning this most important language will prove beneficial to you.

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The Benefits Of Learning A New Langauge

There are five exceptional reasons as to why you may want to consider learning a new language, aside form combating depression. These reasons being:

  • Bigger Brain
  • Boost your cognitive abilities into old age
  • Helps in multitasking
  • Academic advantages and more job opportunities
  • Decision making

Now, this last one is very important as quite often those of us who have been in a narcissistic relationship no al to well how we lose our ability to make decisions for ourselves.

And this aside from combating depression is easily one of my favorite reasons as to why anyone should learn a new language.

I am curious, which language would you like to learn and why.

Let me know in the comments below.

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