The Narcissists Will Hate Us No Matter What, So Just Learn To Be Happy

The Narcissists Will Hate Us No Matter What, So Just Learn To Be Happy

Learn To Be Happy

Narcissists and toxic people are not a rarity in life. I dare say that a good majority of people are very toxic.

Now toxic does not have to be narcissism; it can be toxic BPD people who are just as bad as a narcissist, DPD (Dependent personality disorder) that makes some people dependent and needy on others, to enabling mentality where you see evil going on, and sit back to watch and even enable it.

Toxic people are the norm in society, and being a good decent person is a rarity.

So many people are out for themselves at the expense of walking on and destroying other people’s lives.

And it is for this reason that you must learn how to be happy.

There will always be people who will want the best for you; life has no shortage of these people.

And they may hate you for a variety of reasons, which could be because you are more educated than them, you are more attractive than them, you may have a loving family or prospering career — whatever the reason, their hatred for you is not your fault. You need to stop worrying and wondering why they hate you.

The time and energy you spend on wondering why some people hate you when you have done nothing to you only robs you of your time and life.

Block out the world, learn to focus your thoughts, energy, and time on things that bring you joy.

Learn to accept being hated for who you are and not caring. Let the world think you are worthless, treasure the jewel that is you.

Regret…on your deathbed of caring TOO much about what others thought will haunt you in your final moments.

Remember, it is better to have the world hate you for what you are than to love you for what you are not.

Self-love is infinitely more important than the love of the toxic masses; even if they are your family.

They will pretend to love you and like you only so they can find ways to destroy you for their twisted pleasure.

Love yourself because the toxic narcissistic world most definitely will not do that.

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