Jealous People Don’t Know That They Are Jealous

Jealous People Don’t Know That They Are Jealous

Jealous People Don’t Know That They Are Jealous

Note: I am not a clinical/ or behavioral psychologist. This is MY opinion. After observing people, objectively, over the course of my life, I have noticed how batshit insane people become when they are jealous of someone.

You don’t need to be a veterinarian to know dog sh*t when you see it. They lose all semblance of reasoning and rationality. If you disagree with anything I say, feel free to leave a comment below explaining why. Now, onto the article.

“Stupid people do not know they are stupid.”

This phenomenon is known as the “Dunning Kruger Effect“.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Dunning Kruger Effect, allow me to elucidate.

The Dunning Kruger effect is:

Is a cognitive bias in which people assess their cognitive ability as greater than it is. It is related to the cognitive bias of illusory superiority and comes from the inability of people to recognize their lack of ability. Without the self-awareness of metacognition, people cannot objectively evaluate their competence or incompetence. – Wikipedia 

This is why stupid people can walk with a non·pa·reil sense of “Everything I do is right! The Earth is flat because I think it is. The sun revolves around the Earth. And pineapple goes on pizza!”

Yeah! Stupid people say and do the most ridiculous thing you will ever hear or see.

Why is this salient information you may be wondering? Especially when the title is “Jealous People Don’t Know That They Are Jealous.”

Well, the reason that this is important will soon be explained.

Stupidity and jealousy work very well together. 

In fact, jealous people feed off of and need stupid people around them to keep their false air of superiority.

Those who have been with narcissists might know where I am going with this.

But if you are still unfamiliar with all of this, it will soon be made clear as to why and what I am talking about.

In this article, I want to break down:

  • That Jealousy Is a Mental Disorder
  • Jealous People Don’t Know That They Are Jealous
  • Why SJW’s Prove This Point
  • Why You Shouldn’t Care

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Jealous People Don’t Know That They Are Jealous

signs of jealousy

That Jealousy Is a Mental Disorder

We live in an age where people, much of society, believes that to be jealous is just an emotional reaction. That jealousy is just a feeling.

Some people in society actively work hard to get others to be jealous of them.

And they do this because their myopic understanding of the emotional spectrum views and percieves jealousy as of love and an “aspiring” emotions to have and seek in others.

The fingers can be pointed to several outlets.

  • Movies – the person who crashes a wedding to TAKE the REAL LOVE from someone else. HOW ROMANTIC!
  • Poor Family Structure – the black sheep of the family can attest to this. Favoring one child and trying to cause jealousy in the scapegoat kid.
  • The Infantilization of Society – we all know toddlers can be jealous as all hell. And this is because they are still evolving. Jealousy is a primitive emotion. And when you couple this idea with a society that is full of a bunch of kidults running around, jealousy then seems to be the default emotion.
And hey! I’m not knocking the song. Love it. But the message is wrong.

There are many places to which we can place the finger; however, I believe more in persona responsibility. Something I believe many people do not champion or have the cognitive ability to comprehend.

And the reason that many people cannot comprehend taking responsibility for their own emotional state is that jealousy is NOT an emotion, but a mental disorder.

Delusional Jealousy

signs of jealousy

So, what is delusional jealousy, you may be wondering?

Delusional jealousy is a mental disorder where a person has delusional beliefs around the idea that the person with whom they are romantically involved with is cheating on them. – wiseGEEK

People who have delusional jealousy believe in their minds that their partner or spouse is cheating on them.

What proof do they have?


How do they know you have been cheating?

They don’t.

What sense does it make?

None at all.

When people have this MENTAL DISORDER, for those of us who are of sound mind see it from them, we assume that they REALLY love us and care about us.

And this is one reason why many people stay in a relationship with these people for so long.

In their/our minds, we don’t see their disorder as a disorder but more so as overzealous love.

I mean, them stalking us, being highly accusatory, and even sobbing and crying over “losing us” appears to be genuine, and thus, we stay.

And the truth of the matter is that they are all genuine…but they are still terrible signs of being with a mentally unstable person.

Jealousy IS NOT LOVE

When a person is beating you upside the head and placing blame on you for something you didn’t do and all the while, they yell and scream, “I KNOW YOU ARE“…that is not love.

This is a clear delusion that they are not able to break free from.


Aside from social influence, with certain movies, songs, community, and family upbringing, religion (and I know I will be hitting the bee’s nest with this statement) is also to BLAME for why so many people stay in their abusive relationships.

God has a place for everyone. And for some people, their place is UNDER THE FOOT OF OTHER PEOPLE. (What a loving, benevolent being, right?)

As well as to why they believe jealousy is a good thing.

Despite many religions condemning jealousy as a sin, you will still find that simultaneously that the god can also be jealous.

Gotta love that non-contradictory belief system.

“Do as I say, not as I do.”

Just saying!

And many people who live in these belief systems, of not for fear of backlash, WOULD OPENLY AGREE.

signs of jealousy

Jealous People Don’t Know That They Are Jealous

Now, assuming you are still reading and have not been too offended by the previous section (my objective was NOT to offend but to give my viewpoint), I hope by now you can see where I am going with, with regards to jealousy being a mental disorder.

And as such, because it is a mental disorder, many people are just unaware of the reality of certain situations.

Much like stupid people not aware of their stupidity, so too are jealous people not aware of their jealousy.

It is important to look at jealous people like a person who is in a mental institution.

Now, I am not denigrating or belittling mental health. It is a serious topic, and I do believe MUCH MORE RESEARCH needs to be done, or at the very least more AWARENESS needs to be spread.

But, in learning to see jealous people as people who live in their made-up world, we not only stop taking things so personally, but we also learn to heal a hell fo a lot quicker.


Because you cannot take things so hard and personally when you know a person has a mental illness.

Am I dismissing the wrongs they do?


But tell me.

Would you be upset with a person who lives in a psych ward who yelled at you or spit on you? Or would you be more understanding?

Learn to see jealous people in the same light.

They attacked you and hurt you because they see you as something they can never be or someone they can never have.

Why SJW’s Prove This Point

Successful people are NOT being made to apologize for things they said or did. They are apologizing for being successful. Click To Tweet


This “Cancel Culture” nonsense that we are living in right now is due in response to HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF JEALOUS PEOPLE who do not do anything…NOTHING…with their lives trying to take away happiness and success from successful people.

These SJWs work day and night to find tweets from 10 years ago to use against a celebrity they don’t like instead of work day and night to look for ways to, I don’t know, cure cancer, spread awareness of human trafficking, end homelessness, help people find a means to support themselves financially.


(And speaking of noble efforts. If you make a purchase from my websites proceeds from the funds go to helping people who have just left narcissistic abusive relationships.)

But no.

These SJW are more hellbent on taking away things from successful people.

Because you know…that’s justice.

“If I can’t have it, then I don’t want you to have it either.”

Such noble, honorable, good-hearted people, right?

People like this don’t even realize how the marketing industry is playing them.

They have no idea how they help out a particular business with their kidult tantrums.

Heck, what was this whole ordeal about the Sonic movie trailer? 

First, they bitched and complained about Sonic not looking like Sonic. 

And now they are bitching about the fact that the company changed Sonic to look, well, like Sonic.

If you do not see lunacy and the mental weakness of these people, I don’t know what else to show you.

Even when you do what these delusional people want, they will still be angry.

Why You Shouldn’t Care

“Some people say hate is just confused admiration.” – Nas

If you have done NOTHING to someone and they have a strong disdain for you, that is because they are jealous of you. And you may not see or think yourself to be great. But in their twisted, distorted minds, they see you as spectacular.

And that hurts them.

When someone lashes out at you for no reason, the best thing to do is to REMAIN CALM and give them NO EMOTION.

Learn how to become stoic.

Be in charge of your emotions.

Nothing upsets a jealous person more than to see you CALM when they have tried to anger you or upset you.

Trust me on this.

Every time a jealous person in my life tries to sabotage me, and I show no emotional reaction, THEY GO MORE BATSHIT INSANE.

Stay true to who you are, and you win.

Place no emotions or no thoughts on them, and they cannot affect you.

And remember this, you wouldn’t be mad at a toddler who called you ugly (hopefully not) if you were hanging around their best friend.

So have this same mindset with jealous people. They are kidults who just never learne dhow to grow up mentally and emotionally.

Jealous People Don’t Know That They Are Jealous

It is an unfortunate realization about life that we will come into contact with people who shouldn’t be walking around society without a straitjacket on.

The world is FREAKING CRAZY.

Jealousy is not an emotion; it is a mental disorder.

Next time you meet a jealous person, and this may happen just by coming across their peripheral vision, keep calm.

Remember to see them as a person with a disorder (BECAUSE THEY DO), and remain faithful to who you are.

This is not about revenge. 

This is about staying TRUE to who you are.

2 thoughts on “Jealous People Don’t Know That They Are Jealous

  1. I live in the belief of God, and in the same mouthful of words, the statement you just made in this column about God being a jealous God had me pausing and thinking about it. For a while. I am in agreeance to an extent of, that makes sense to you. Thanks for the information!

    1. Yes, I know that might hit home or to the heart of some people.

      The point is NOT to offend but to questions, one thinking.

      Jealousy is NOT an emotion that should be applauded; even if a god is jealous.

      That is still wrong.

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