It Takes Strength To Keep Our Sanity

It Takes Strength To Keep Our Sanity

It takes strength to keep our sanity. There seems to be a vast amount of people out in the world who just have a strong desire to destroy and tear down as many lives as they can. And “why do they want to do this”, you may be wondering? Because. Just because.

It takes strength, a hell of a lot of strength, to keep one’s sanity.

Narcissists — and I do believe that they are not as rare as many people think — are everywhere. Flying monkeys are just as prominent. Enablers are not less abundant than flying monkeys.

In fact, enablers are one of the major reasons why so many narcissists get away with the things they do. And this get’s me to believe that much of society is insane and the only way to keep one’s sanity is by being mentally, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually strong.

The narcissist is the living embodiment of all that is chaotic and irrational. The flying monkey embodies all of what it means to be mindless; to be of the collective. And the enablers of society represent what it means to fall into the sea of chaos and nihilism.

Instead of combatting the irrational, they ‘GIVE IN‘ into the irrationality.

“We cannot fight against the current of insanity, we just go with the flow and let the insanity have its way.”

Life…is a roaring treacherous stormy sea.

Sanity is a small wooden boat that is meant to keep us afloat on this chaotic insane sea called “life”.

And this is why I say, “It Takes Strength To Keep Our Sanity”.

Never Give Up On Yourself

Nothing makes a narcissist, along with their foolish flying monkeys, happier then but to see that they were able to sink you down into their insanity. Nothing makes them happier than to see they have made you suffer and make you LESS THAN after coming into contact with them.

Falling into the sea of insanity and into the abyss of nihilism (giving up hope on life and on YOURSELF) is exactly what these creatures want.

I know for many people, it can be very difficult keeping one’s insanity.

Especially if you are dealing with:

But this is exactly what these creatures want.

And more importantly, they want you to be someone who never learns how to pick themselves up. This is why they try and turn everyone against you. They want you to see that no one is in your corner.

And you know what, that is what will make you strong.

Be Your Own Hero

It Takes Strength To Keep Our Sanity

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In this chaotic INSANE sea called life, we have to be strong enough to fight the storm and the sea and reach out to that “boat of sanity“.

The boat may very well be small and fragile. But it will be good enough to get you to the island of Reason.

And on this island of the reason, you will find other like minds who were strong enough to fight that storm.

If you are looking for an island of reason, a place where you can grow even stronger.

Check out my forum “Empowering Empathic Warriors“.

Here you will be among brethren who have also fought the sea and are looking to heal, rest and grow stronger.

2 thoughts on “It Takes Strength To Keep Our Sanity

  1. I agree. The. I believe that actual true number of narcissism is very underestimated. What goggled said only 1% of general population and 2-16% of clinical population ; those that are studied whatever they really mean by this: who does the studies?)
    I believe that narcissism is like rape. Very under reported. Both are horrific crimes. And yes I am begin to believe that narcissism is so much becoming a crime. Both these things are to horrible to report. When you report these two things you are forced to re live all the pain and humiliation and degradation and dehumanization. And where exactly do You report narcissism , to whom. The authorities , which authorities? And the statistics are probably only coming from actual reported incidents. How many people just live with this situation suffering silently.
    The clinical psychologist only see those that voluntarily come in for treatment. And that is only the tip of the iceberg. Narcissist go to psychologist for treatment? When ? Don’t they believe they are perfect. So where do those ones that go in for psychological treatments? Are they also gaslighting their therapist?
    Where do these reported statistics of narcissism come from ? Generally speaking the victims are too traumatized already by their narcissist to report and relive their ordeals. I think , and I may be wrong , most come to the realization that they are victims of bat quite by accident mostly through web sites such as this. I know that I did. I just thought I’d was just verbal and emotional abuse( which narcissism does include). Never heard of the word till about 6 months ago when I read some stuff on Quora and recognized my situation. And I am sure that an not the only one

    1. Exactly! I wholly agree with what you have said.

      I have been thinking this myself as well that the number is only 1% is such a joke of a number.

      I do believe that the number of narcs is much higher.

      I believe the number of sane people, reasonable people, and empathic people are much smaller.

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