It Is Not Your Job To Be The Narc’s “Hero”

It Is Not Your Job To Be The Narc’s “Hero”

It Is Not Your Job To Be The Narc’s “Hero”

I often hear from many entitled narcissists and “FOOLISH EMPATHS,” and yes, empaths can be just as foolish as flying monkeys, this idiotic idea of…being the hero to the narcissists.

“As empaths,” they will say, “you should be a hero.” 

“You should DEAL with the hard and rough times.”


And I often retort this, with MUCH DISAGREEMENT, that this is a silly notion.

It is not my, or any other empath’s job, to regulate the emotions of kidult narcissists.

And the reason I say this is because you can regulate their emotions. After all, they are hellbent on being as chaotic as possible.

We don’t need to SUFFER, NEEDLESSLY, to make these people happy. Why do we have to give up our sanity?

Why do we need to give up our happiness?

And why do we need to give up our TIME and LIFE for someone who will throw EVERYTHING WE DO…AWAY?

What do WE gain from that?

This idea of an empath being a sacrificial lamb or some “JESUS” to these “JUDAS” is a ludicrous idea.

So, I say this, don’t feel bad about leaving your narc. Don’t feel bad about them NOT doing so well without you in their life.

Do not get baited by their calls and text of “I’m going to hurt myself if you don’t come.”


And you are NOT a bad guy for saying, “I will treat myself with love and respect.”

And by doing this, you DO NOT ALLOW negative people in your life.

Stop trying to be a hero to these toxic people.

It Is Not Your Job To Be The Narc’s “Hero”

We get one shot at life.

After our clock has stopped ticking, that’s it.




The game is done.

Now, you can do many things with your life. But the most wasteful of it is by staying with someone who doesn’t even value you as a human being.

Screw trying to help or fix narcs.

These people were FAR BROKEN before you met them.

And it is NOT your job to come along and fix what you didn’t break.

Stay with them, and you will discover that in time you too will become broken.

Leave as quickly as you can and live YOUR ONE LIFE for you.

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  1. I agree, it not our job to fix these parasites that never anything on their own.. They jump on your train every single time with no real creativity be anything but what their supply is.

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