The Reason Covert Narcissist and Insecure Narcissist Hate You

The Reason Covert Narcissist and Insecure Narcissist Hate You

So you may be honestly be minding your own business, and out of nowhere, you hear someone talking all kid of smack about you behind your back. 

They work day and night to try and get you fired, get you removed from a house, break up your relationship, or even try and get you…unalive!

Rational people, mature adults, find it hard to understand why someone would just hate us for NO REASON

And this “no reason” usually causes many rational adults to get caught in the web of an insecure covert narcissist.

Those who reason often think there is a misunderstanding on the haters’ part, but there is no misunderstanding.

There is only extreme insecurity and hatred for you/us for our perceived superiority.

An insecure narcissist will attack you and work to destroy you because, in their mind, they have it that “YOU” think you are better than them.

Even if you have not said a word to them.

And even if you do say a word to them, they will just hear you say it in a condescending tone.

These people simply hate you/us because THEY feel less than when they are around us.

And as a result, they will wage a battle against us for something made up in their heads.

Understand, insecure narcissists see themselves as NOT GOOD enough, and to have someone they deem perfect come into their lives, only confirms that they are nothing special.

The best revenge is to keep doing you.


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