Indifference Is Cutting The Drug Off From The Narcissist

Indifference Is Cutting The Drug Off From The Narcissist
92+ Selfish People Quotes
92+ Selfish People Quotes

Indifference is to a narcissist what cutting hard illegal drugs is to an addict. This may seem very descriptive, but this is a truth.

Narcissists are addicts, meaning they are very addicted to people and the drama they can derive from them. They see people as tools, toys, instruments for their pleasure.

Indifference Is Cutting The Drug Off From The Narcissist

When we grey rock a narcissist (become indifferent to them), accept their silent treatment (don’t chase after their attention), go “No Contact,” we hurt their egos on a massive level.

In their minds, they will not comprehend that we do not need them, and for many, they will do anything and everything to get our attention.

Our attention nourishes them, it feeds their egos, and it is like a hit from an illegal narcotic — it puts them on cloud nine.

Much like an addict would go batsht insane at the idea of not getting their fix, so too will a narcissist go batsht off the walls insane at the idea of not being provided attention.

The best way to get back at these nutjobs is to become indifferent to everything they do simply. As long as it doesn’t affect your life in a threatening way (meaning they aren’t trying to take your life), let them do what they wish.

Tease, mock, gossip, provoke, and social media stalk you.

They do all of these things to get a reaction, give them nothing.

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