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A Narcissist’s Prayer: Dear Dark God Give Me Strength To Pass The Blame

A Narcissist's Prayer! They thank their dark gods to pass and shift the blame of their misdeed unto other people! ...
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The Narcissism Of Sacrificial Love

Sacrificial love is love that parasitic people feed on. It is the love that parasitic people search out for in ...
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Dare To Have The Temerity To Not Give A F*ck What The Narcissist Think

There is happiness that can be found in not giving a f*ck. A supreme level of happiness that comes when ...
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Integrity VS Keeping Your Word

Integrity VS Keeping Your Word Written By Conner Wood Follow Conner Wood on Quora @ q/narcissistanalysis Lovebombed Actual Human Being: ...
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The Toy

The Toy: What You Are To A Narcissist

“The toys that strike the strongest chord, in general, are the ones that are the most open-ended,” says Bensch. There ...
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Instrumental Aggression: Why The Narcissists Attacks You FOR NO REASON

I know I am not the only one who has ever wondered, “what the hell did I do to this ...
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Emotional Flashback

Emotional Flashback: Living With A Narcissist Is Like Living In A Warzone

Emotional Flashback: Why You Can't Seem To Move On According to the National Center for PTSD, about 8 million people can ...
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How To Crush A Narcissist

7 Ways On How To Crush A Narcissist & To Do So Without Being A Monster

How To Crush A Narcissist Crushing a narcissist, hurting them, after all the nonsense they put us through, can be ...
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