This Is Why The Narcissist Treats The New Supply So Much Better Than You

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Narcissists treat their new supply SO GOOD after discarding us or separating from us because they are doing their very best to groom the hell out of the new supply.

They want to instill in the new supply — ”This is what life can always be like.”

This Is Why The Narcissist Treats The New Supply So Much Better Than You

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So what they will do, taking notes from the previous relationship with us, is to see how much longer it will take for them to groom their supply to keep them in their lives.

It is all about instilling in the new supply’s mind that they (the narcissist) are such a catch. They want the new supply to think that they are so lucky to have the narcissist in their life.

It can be excruciating for females because if the girl is younger than you, it crushes you on an emotional level.

But it is also sad because her younger mind may not have any clue of what she is getting into, and you may want to reach out and tell her not to fall for the guy — but because he may have already told her about you if you do go and try and convince her you will seem like a crazy jealous ex.

It can be very difficult to deal with — and this segways into the next reason why the narcissist treats the new supply so well!

Another reason they treat their new supply so much better is that they KNOW YOU ARE WATCHING!

And this is something YOU HAVE TO STOP!

You gain absolutely NOTHINGNOTHING from watching their lives together. The only thing you get is resentment, hurt, pain, and a constant need to get revenge.

You will slowly deteriorate and do the job of the narcissist for them.

I know it is easier said than done, but it is so important to MOVE ON!

These people are so EVIL — and they get JOYMASSIVE JOY when you suffer and suffer BECAUSE OF THEM!

They are nutjobs; the only way to win is to live happily without them in it!

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