This Is Why You Narcissist Should Get No Second Chance

Narcissistic people DO NOT CHANGE! These people go their whole lives doing their very best to try and get people to believe that the false person they are presenting to the world is their true selves.

When a narcissistic person mask falls, it is not uncommon for them to either want to destroy us for seeing who they are or to want us to get back with them (so that they can destroy us easier).

This Is Why You Narcissist Should Get No Second Chance

no second chance

Imagine, if you will, a person who tried to shoot you misses. For whatever reason you can conjure up in your mind, the gun somehow ends up n your possession.

Now ask yourself, if the person who tried to shoot you asked for the gun back and did so very nicely, would you give them the gun back?

Hopefully not!

This Is Why You Narcissist Should Get No Second Chance

The person’s intention of killing you the first time would and should be reason enough for you not to give them the gun back a second time.

They missed the first time; why give them a second chance to kill you?!

This goes right with why you shouldn’t give a narc a second chance.

These people are batsh*t insane.

If they were attacking you, demeaning you, and using you the first time and come back to you asking for a second chance — you have to see them in the same light of seeing a person who tried to kill you and missed.

Narcissistic people are cowards, and they work very hard to get their victims to go insane slowly.

To them, if they can destroy your psychological, kill your spirit, and drive you to commit…you know — they have succeeded.

They will prance around with their heads held high, looking like a peacock saying in their mind, “I just got away with murder, and it was so easy…let me find a new victim. This is so much fun.”

It is important to get rid of this notion that people can change who they are — that with enough “tough love” and sacrificing a bit of who you are and your happiness that you will be able to change them.

That if you stick it out and work harder, love harder, and keep giving them a second chance tie and time again, you will be able to reach them.


Some people pit there who are hellbent on destroying as many lives as possible, and they feel no level of remorse.

They can turn on their crocodile tears and fool you/us into thinking they changed.

The only thing that has changed is their method of playing with your emotion. They can’t live without drama!

If their mask has fallen, see them for what they are and go on with your life.

Nothing shows a narcissist how unimportant and weak they are than by leaving them and living our lives the best way we can!

Narcs are such losers!

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I call myself the Rational Humorist. Narcs to me are cancer to humanity. The only way to beat cancer is to fight back against it.

The best way to defeat a narc is to see them as the jokes they are.

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