How To Cause A Narcissistic Collapse

How To Cause A Narcissistic Collapse

Narcissistic people are incredibly fragile people. This is one reason why they work so hard to find weaknesses in other people.

They are such losers.

God, they are such losers.

The amount of energy it takes to destroy someone else could be used in building themselves up.

This is why I call them losers!

Weak people are, without a doubt, the most morally corrupt people you will come across in life — because they are so scared, timid, and cowardice.

They will do anything, hurt anyone (without provocation on the part of the person they are attacking), lie, cheat, manipulate, gossip, and character assassinate to keep their petty small egos in check.

If you are looking to cause a narcissistic collapse, then consider doing these below!

How To Cause A Narcissistic Collapse

# 1 – Walk Away

Narcissistic Collapse

There is so much power in walking away.

However, many of us assume to stay and fight with a narc means we are strong. We have very little understanding that this is precisely what these losers want.

They want us to stay and argue with them because if they can get us mad and upset, then in their small, petty minds, they are controlling us.

Walking away from these clowns means we show them they have NO CONTROL OVER US — which hurts them on a massive level.

To these kidult losers, they believe that if they can control other people, that is a sign of strength…not understanding real strength comes in controlling who you are!

So when you walk away from them, and they WANT and NEED YOU in their worthless lives — that shows them how powerless they are.

And this is no hyperbole; this is why these clowns stalk and send their foolish flying monkeys to keep tabs on you.

God, they are such loser trolls!

# 2 – Find A New Partner

Narcissistic Collapse

Oh! Oh! Dear God, in heaven, OH!

This will be like a stake in the heart of these losers.

If you find a new lover after leaving these clowns, that will destroy their sense of worth.

In their minds, they will think, “Bu…Bu…But…I got rid of them (discarded you), and they found another lover. Bu…Bu…But…I am me. Why am I not good enough to be chased? Bu…Bu…But…Wahhhhhhhhhhhh! Nobody likes me.”

Pity Party!

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Narcissistic Collapse

Did I mention how much of a loser these people are? I think it is important for us to reframe how we see these clowns.

They are nothing special, so this is why they work so hard to get other people not to think they are special.

“I can never be pretty like you, so I will throw acid in your face or scratch your face.”

“I can never be smart like you, so I will try and make you feel stupid and make you seem stupid in front of others.”

Finding a partner who loves you as you love them will drive a narc insane.

If it is a narc guy they will back off from you because most narc guys will NOT fight against a MAN!

They are such cowards, I swear!

And for narc girls, to fight against the man’s love will only prove how worthless she is when she gets no attention.

Now mind you, of course, some girls and guys will harass — but trust me, the more you do not acknowledge these losers, the more you are hurting these clowns.

# 3 – Becoming Massively Successful

Narcissistic Collapse

“The best revenge is massive success.” – Frank Sinatra.

There is no greater revenge that you can have against these losers than to become massively successful.

That job you were unjustly fired from, become your boss, and that will show them you being fired was the catalyst for you becoming financially free and prosperous.

That relationship that failed and then you finding a new one and better one only show them that they missed out on a beautiful and supportive partner in life.

Being happy and prosperous and without trying to rub it in their face — will drive a narc batsh*t insane.

This is precisely why many of them drink, use drugs, get in barfights, end up in jail, or commit…you know!

These people, I swear, if it had not been for their glee that they get in hurting others, and their irrational desire to destroy others —would be sad cases to hear.

But for the many lives, they needlessly and unjustly destroy… I feel no pity for them.

And when they end up in jail or 6 feet below due to their self-pity, I have no remorse for these losers (and I am not talking about people with NPD, Enabling Ed(s)!

If you want to cause narcissistic collapse, simply live your life happily without them and become as successful as possible!

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The best way to defeat a narc is to see them as the jokes they are.

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