Thank You, Narcissists, For Being The Catalyzation For My Growth

Thank You, Narcissists, For Being The Catalyzation For My Growth

Written By: Daniela Grageda (Bio Below)

My story is not a single experience of me dealing with narcissistic people — but a series of episodes where I submitted to narcissistic energies.

A few of my experiences which I would like to share with you briefly, are:

  • Moving from Mexico to Arizona as a kid: I was verbally bullied in elementary school. Since I did not know English at the time, it was easier for people to make me feel inferior.
  • Living With A Toxic Family: My Family members enjoyed laughing at me through jokes and sarcasm (which was never my thing). They would often use my sensitivity to their advantage to bring me down.
  • Staying In Toxic Relationships (friendships / romantic & non-romantic relationships): I was expected to fill up a hole they did not know how to “fill” themselves.
  • People in general: Many people attempted to control my divine heart from shining bright by telling me how to behave.

Thank You, Narcissists, For Being The Catalyzation For My Growth


I want to share with you that through these scenarios, I met more of myself (and keep on doing so).

I’ve acquainted with my terrain to know what is & isn’t acceptable.

I’ve embraced Respons-ability as a human being!

And I’ve chosen to respond accordingly, standing up for myself & finally speaking up (when necessary) / engaging differently, or simply not giving them more of my energy by cutting communication / walking away.

There is POWER in walking away!

Narcissists will continue to exist as long as we accept living in a fearful state.

There are narcissists, but also irresponsible beings who are not transparent, honest, vulnerable, & aren’t willing to accept themselves as they are!

Instead, they will put up a wall to protect that which is already cracked.

I held the “strong” / “nothing can hurt me” facade for so long after being brutalized by some family relatives & others, to not show my vulnerability, how much it actually hurt and how sensitive I indeed was.

It wasn’t them, but I, who hadn’t voiced, accepted & honored my terrain. It was I who hadn’t stood my ground & stated “enough is enough” when it was enough.

You see, it is not a one-way street!

I allowed myself to be treated as I was treated, although it was painful to admit it.

“What if I lose this person?”

“What if she / he won’t love me anymore?”

“Wha..What if I’m wrong?”

These were some of the thoughts that surfaced when I sought to speak up.

But, I switched it up…

“What if I gain more from this relationship?”

“What if she/he loves me even more because I’ve been honest & truthful to myself?”

“And What if I’m wrong & follow my gut anyway?”

This was when it all changed.

When I was willing to shift my perspective & explore my inner world & honor it.

I mean to follow through with what my gut/intuition/heart/guides were pointing at by honoring it.

Even when it was scary, I did it anyway…and you know what I discovered?

Liberty. Freedom. Expansion.

The more I followed through my highest path — regardless of discomfort & fear, the more freedom I began to experience.

Therefore, I thank you, narcissistic ones, for being the catalysts (Catalyzation) of my divine expansion.

About Daniela Grageda


Daniela Grageda is an Intuitive Writer, Messenger, & Alchemist among many other “titles”. 

Her intent is to help you remember & awaken your divinity through meditative weavings, intuitive guidance & being.

Daniela is the author of The Cauldron of The Weaving Alchemist – A guide into The New Era 101 (Ebook).

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I call myself the Rational Humorist. Narcs to me are cancer to humanity. The only way to beat cancer is to fight back against it.

The best way to defeat a narc is to see them as the jokes they are.

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