Integrity VS Keeping Your Word

Integrity VS Keeping Your Word

Written By Conner Wood

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Lovebombed Actual Human Being: I promise to always love you!

Egopath: [ Laughs in PURE EVIL. ]

Egopaths enjoy having you break your word via setting you up to fail. It makes them feel excellent, making you feel bad about needing to go back on your word.

They love that you’ve been put in a lose-lose situation and there’s NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT, MUWHAHAHAHA!!!

Let me tell you all here, and now, there IS SOMETHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT. 

Your life is more important than keeping your word to a soulless evil monster that TRICKED YOU AND HID FROM YOU WHO THEY TRULY ARE AND HID WHAT THEY WOULD DO TO YOU IN RETURN FOR YOUR TRUST.

Anyone who tells you otherwise is unworthy of you and, by extension, unworthy of being in your life.

If you are to break your word, it is because YOU HAVE TO.

You aren’t breaking your word because you feel like it. 

You are breaking your word because YOU HAVE TO. 

And you still have integrity and being true to yourself!

Additionally, your word was given conditionally that you wouldn’t be betrayed in return for it.

F*ck anyone who claims otherwise; it’s implied that you wouldn’t be hurt in return by them…That’s not what you agreed to sign up for. 

Integrity VS Keeping Your Word

And guess what, even if you gave your word somehow unconditionally, it is irrelevant, you still NEED TO BREAK YOUR WORD TO SAVE YOUR OWN LIFE.

Think how hard they intentionally tried to make you break your word to hurt you; that’s all the more reason to break your word and all the more reason to not feel bad about it!

When you give your word, you deserve the right to break it or end it, especially if it means not doing so ends up ENABLING EVIL. Integrity is soundness of moral character; you will not ENABLE EVIL, that’s being MORAL!!!

When your word is maliciously taken advantage of or is used as a weakness to be exploited, you’ve given your word to the wrong person. They are unworthy of your word and you.


Keeping Your Word

Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power. ~ Abraham Lincoln

And what happened when you gave them your word, your Power? Hmmm?

What did they do with it? Did they respect it or respect you? Of course not, they abused your word like they abuse everything else because they are an abuser.

It’s time to forgive yourself for making a promise you could not keep.

Forgive yourself for not knowing any better. Forgive yourself for promising something to the wrong person.

While we’re on the subject of Power, let’s debunk a popular myth that Power Corrupts.

The myth that Power Corrupts is 100% false!

Power REVEALS corruptionThese Egopaths are always searching for an EXCUSE to do what they want to. You would be a fool to think money corrupted them, so they went with a $5 hooker, and if only they didn’t have that $5, then they’d be moral.

All money did was enable them to do what they wanted to all along, just like you giving them your word. What do you think an Egopath takes away from you telling them you forgive them?

The way they see it, you tell them they are EXCUSED; that’s how they see it. They are ecstatic at the thought you will play, forgive and forget so they can keep doing what they’re doing.

Please don’t play that game with them. Don’t enable EVIL to be done upon yourself!

Anyone who thinks you are breaking your word because of this or something like this where you have MANY GOOD REASONS TO BREAK YOUR WORD somehow magically means you have no integrity is unworthy of you, by extension, unworthy of being in your life.

Don’t enable evil to be done upon you, especially if it means breaking your word. And if you don’t understand WHY despite all the above … then how about because Conner the Qualified Authority says so!

Keeping Your Word



And hey, guess what, you leading by example like that proves you are a leader!

Your priorities are your character, and you have the integrity to choose yourself over ALLOWING EVIL, even if it means going back on a promise you meant with all your heart at the time.

You did what was right, and you never betrayed your values to yourself or integrity; remember that.

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