We Are NOT Survivors…We Are Thrivers & Warriors

We Are NOT Survivors…We Are Thrivers & Warriors

I believe it is very important that we listen to what we tell ourselves. It is important how we speak to ourselves, see ourselves, and feel about ourselves.

Having a strong POSITIVE opinion of who we are can have a tremendous impact on our emotional, psychological, and mental well being.

I have come to notice with many of us who have left a narcissistic relationship, is that we say we are “Survivors.”

And although, I can see the reason behind this, as narcs are agents of chaotic nature (like a hurricane or Tsunami…people survive the aftermath of these natural disasters) — I do believe that saying we are “survivors” instead of saying we are “Thrivers” and “Warriors,” hinders our healing process.

As I mention, people survive an airplane crash. People survive a Tsunami. People survive on minimum wage.

Surviving, to me, seems like we are “getting by.

And that is not what we should do.

We should THRIVE after a narcissistic relationship.

We should see ourselves as WARRIORS that came out of a warzone (because heaven knows that narcs wage their covert war on us for whatever reason their twisted minds have conjured up.)

To exit a narcissistic relationship, should not be a nightmare that keeps us on edge.

It should be the gust of wind that kindle the greatness that was hidden inside of us — and only because of the gust of insanity, did that small flame of greatness spark and erupted to becoming a roaring fire of GREATNESS!


We Are NOT Survivors…We Are Thrivers & Warriors

The statement above is not meant to be theatrical, but to be more of mellifluous rhetoric to spark the will to become better.

Thrive means to prosper; be fortunate or successful!

Nothing hurts a narc more than, but to see a supply, they worked SO HARD to destroy– living their BEST LIFE…AFTER LEAVING THE NARC.

What this shows the LOSER narc is that “YOU HAVE NO SWAY OVER MY LIFE. I said I would be this person, and I became it — despite ALL your efforts to stop me…they were for NOTHING!”

To be a Warrior is someone who doesn’t back down. You may not win all your fights, but you d*mn sure will fight every battle.

And if the narc and life have taught us anything –it is this…Life does not get easier. We get stronger.”

Despite all the lies, deceit, smear campaigns, the mission to make us as sad as possible, and drama–nothing they do can break our will to live the life that WE WANT.

Thrivers & Warriors We Are…NOT Survivors

There is power in words. What we say to ourselves…MATTERS.

Stop calling yourself a survivor because you/we are so much more than that.

Once you start to see yourself as a thriver and warrior, you can go back to the person you were before you met the narc and become so much more because of living through the chaos that is the narc.

Hard times are not here to destroy us but to reveal ourselves to ourselves.

Thrive my fellows warriors.


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I call myself the Rational Humorist. Narcs to me are cancer to humanity. The only way to beat cancer is to fight back against it.

The best way to defeat a narc is to see them as the jokes they are.

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