Narcissistic People Want You To Hold A Grudge…Don’t

Narcissistic People Want You To Hold A Grudge…Don’t

There is a saying I like that goes as such, “If I cannot enter your heart, I will enter your mind.”

Attention, for many people, seems to be as important as eating or sleeping. After all, we are social animals, and the need to be given attention, I guess, makes some sense.

I am an introvert.

A lone wolf, a pariah, a wiling outcast. So when narcs, flying monkeys, enablers, and the sheeple onlookers give me the silent treatment — I take NO OFFENSE.

I love silence. I love having my ‘me-time.’ And I love being able to go to work or the gym and do what I went there to do.

Gossiping and being a ‘Chatty Patty‘ is for high school girls and effeminate males.

Narcissistic people, and their legion of fools, take having attention to the next level. They become so obsessed with gaining attention that they become irrational.

And they will do some of the evilest things you can think of…just to get attention.

No reasonable or mature person does this.

Heck, even kids and teenagers show more reason and maturity than narc kidults when receiving no attention from a supply.

Narcs become deranged when they get no attention, and because of their derangement, they will behave like animals.

They will:

  • Lie about us
  • Destroy our image
  • Try and assassinate our characters
  • It is not uncommon for them to STALK (like the NUTJOBS THEY ARE)
  • Some may even attack us

To these NUTJOB LOSERS, they have this idea that we owe them our attention and love.

So when they cannot get our love, they will settle for our hate.


Narcissistic People Want You To Hold A Grudge…Don’t

Holding a grudge towards someone is like pouring acid into your heart.

It will dissolve and only HURT YOU.

And this is what the narc loser knows.

They know that doing some of the things above to us will make us angry, vengeful, hurt, and lead us to hold a grudge against them.

Holding a grudge is like holding a crush.

All you do is think about them.

You dream about them.

You obsess about them.

And you want nothing more than but to be with them (and in this case to hurt them).

You keep the person you hold a grudge and crush for in your heart and your mind.

And narcs…LOVE THIS.

These People Are Losers

Narcs are losers. They hold grudges over the silliest things, such as:

  • Not wanting to kiss them as soon as they wake up with their bad breath
  • Ignoring them…when they give US the silent treatment
  • Not complimenting them on losing that one unnoticeable pound (I mean…it’s so noticeable, right?)
  • Not getting the Fred Flinstone Peds Expenser (D*mnit Janet — they wanted the Barney Peds Expensers)
  • Not reading their favorite bedtime story with the funny voices (God we mature adults are such monsters)

You know, typical evil things like this will cause a narc to hold a grudge against us.

Because these losers have a childish mindset, they can hold grudges over silly things, and because they cannot think that others have their thoughts and feelings, they believe that if they wronged us, that we will think about them.


Because they would.

Don’t Hold A Grudge

When you don’t hold a grudge against these poeple, what you do, BY NOT SAYING A D*MN THING is this:

“You are NOT important to me. Everything you do is for naught because you are no one and nothing. And you will NEVER BE ANYONE TO ME.”

This is what narc losers hears when we say nothing to them.

They say silence can say more than words can, and by not holding a grudge or caring what they say or do, you show them how irrelevant they are to your life.

Listen, I KNOW how hard it is not to hold a grudge.

You think:

“After all, I did for them!”

“How could they do such a thing?”

“I need to defend myself!”

“They need to know that I will not tolerate that.”

I know how you feel.

Because I too held grudges for a long time — and my stress and anxiety levels got the best of me.

It was only until I had to go to the hospital, because of my stress level, that I realized…THEY ARE NOT WORTH IT.

And once I stopped caring, and they realized I stopped caring (they will know due to their flying monkeys) did I began to heal and they started to suffer.

Trust me, say nothing, hold no grudge against them, and move forward with your life and you will show these losers, they are NOTHING IMPORTANT.

Never underestimate how batsh*t insane these people are for attention.

They will do anything for it.

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