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Change your Brain!

Change your Brain!

Neuroplasticity is an AMAZING THING. The ability to change the way you think is wonderful, as you can change the way you think about yourself.

There are many issues with medication, although I would NEVER tell someone to go cold turkey with medication.

However, if given the opportunity to learn ways to change your mindset for the better and NOT have to get addicted to medication, is a GREAT THING.

Change your Brain! 10 Alternatives to Medication to Improve Depression and Anxiety-Neuroplasticity

About This Class

Emma McAdam, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist walk you through the basics of how you can change your brain, improve your mental health, and become healthier and happier without medication. This course will help anyone with depression, anxiety, other mental illness to know what they can do to get healthier. 

At least 35% of people experience a mental illness like depression or anxiety throughout their lifetime. That means that you or someone you love needs resources to know how to feel better.  Many people have heard that “chemical imbalance” or genes can affect mental health, but most people don’t know that you can actually change your brain chemistry without medication. Your brain’s ability to change is called Neuroplasticity. 

People want to improve their lives, they just often don’t know where to start. I’m making this course because this is the fundamental information that I want all my clients to know. I teach simple daily habits that research has shown to work better than Prozac at treating depression or anxiety. Many of these changes take only minutes a day.

By the end of this course, you’ll know 10 ways that you can change your brain’s chemistry, structure and function. You’ll learn how to prime your brain to be healthier and happier.  

You’ll learn what modern imaging technology has taught us about neuroplasticity-your brain’s ability to rewire itself-about using your body to regulate your brain, what nutrient deficiencies to look out for, how to resolve the “scarcity brain”, techniques for resolving stress, and more  

And in my work as a therapist I’ve seen this information change lives, resolve depression and anxiety and help people be happier and healthier.  

 So if you or someone you love experiences mental illness, or if you just want to know how to be happier, come join me!

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Need Support?

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