Narcissists Are Excessive Attention Seeking Drama Addictive Kidults

Narcissists Are Excessive Attention Seeking Drama Addictive Kidults

So, before I begin, allow me to address the title and make it very clear that I AM NOT ATTACKING or coming off aggressively.

Although I know the title might suggest that.

I have often called narcissist kidults, and I honestly believe they are. 

Heck, in this article, I will show you scientific proof that backs up this claim.

But aside from being kidults, narcissists are also “Attention whores.” 

These people need attention, but more than anything else, these people need DRAMA.

They feed on drama as a parasite feeds on a host.

FYI, I also consider them to be parasites.

Check out my article, “Narcissists are Parasites.”

Going No Contact, ghosting them, silencing them out of your life, and just moving on in life is without a doubt THE BEST WAY TO GET BACK AT THEM.

I know they may appear to have a great life after leaving you, and they may appear to be happier with their new partner…but most likely, ore than not, this is all an illusion.

Much like the personal illusion, they pretended to be when you first met.

There is nothing to gain by staying in these people’s lives. There is nothing you can do to get them to act reasonably.

They are beyond saving, beyond helping, beyond reasoning with.

For those of you are struggling with leaving your narcissist and feel like they are getting away with all the drama and hurt they did to you.

Trust me…STOP.

By engaging with them, you are giving them what they want.

Narcissists Are Excessive Attention Seeking Drama Addictive Kidults

Seeking attention is something we all do. We are social animals, after all. We need the attention and the connection with others.

Excessive attention-seeking is not a character flaw. It is a brain wiring response to early developmental trauma caused by neglect. – Psychology Today

I think many of us, those of us who have had the unfortunate experiencing dealing with a narcissist, can attest to how batshit insane they become when they are no longer given attention.

Just the sheer act of not caring, or what they perceive as you ignoring them, makes them erupt as if they are somewhat lunatics.

The developing brain observes its environment and wires itself accordingly to survive in that world that it presumes will be like those experiences. Newborns are extremely dependent on getting their mother’s attention for survival. The more their needs are neglected during early development, the more the child equates getting attention with survival and safety. In turn, the more he or she develops the belief system that it is necessary to go to whatever lengths to get attention.  – Psychology Today

I have often seen this play out for myself, the act of not giving narcissists attention.

First, they spread rumors and gossip about me, and when I don’t react or give attention, they will then proceed to be kind.

They try and hoover me, and when they see I can’t be hoovered, they then behave nasty again.

I have had narcs try and fight me and even run into me with their cars.

These people will do anything when they feel they are not getting attention.

Like an addict who needs their fix, narcissists will do some of the most batshit things you can think of.