Ghosting Your Narcissists: A Great Revenge

Ghosting Your Narcissists: A Great Revenge

Don’t “at me”. DO NOT “AT ME” about “ghosting” is so mean. I guess allowing a narcissist to continue to mess up your life and the lives of GOOD PEOPLE is the right thing to do. Ghosting is without a doubt one of the best ways to get back at your narcissists.

I make it no secret that “No Contact” is something I believe ALL OF US SHOULD DO when dealing with these creatures.

They do not have the right to destroy a life. They do not have the right to stomp on peoples dreams. And they do not have the right to make people suffer from depression and many other mental illnesses.

And so for those who have been hurt by their narcissist, and want to get back at them, and who want to really stick it to their narcissist, then I highly recommend that you try “ghosting.”

If ever there were a tactic that could easily destroy a narcissist, it is ghosting.

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  1. I’m in the middle of a ghosting myself. It’s quite extraordinary to have removed their magic wand. It now resides in mine. Makes me wander what they would think if they saw me with their wand in my hand floating several feet above the ground with a ghostly smile. I got everything lined out except the floating several feet above the ground . I think I’ll just break their wand in two and put it under their Christmas tree with only their name on it. They’ll know who its from. I like the idea of no words say a thousand. It’s as magical as levitation. Ghosting is empowering!

      1. please I beg everyone out there and after narcissist land get away from them stay away from him I have been in a narcissistic relationship for 50 years and I basically lost all of those years and it’s terrible but my narcissist now has discarded me I’m almost 80 years old I’m quite attractive though but he has just given me an eviction notice to make me move off of out of my house that I had built which he allowed on his property and I can see now exactly what he has done and now there’s no contact and I feel a lot better so stay away from them they’re sick and they never change

        1. Fifty years? I am so sorry that happened to you. Thank you for sharing. All victims need to be reminded to go NO Contact
          And learn how u avoid attracting a narc next time


        I’ve only started ghosting a few months ago, and I feel a little of back to being myself. Can only get better from here.

  2. My situation is a bit tricky. I am a teacher and have a child with my narc. Is there any help out there with relocation? He has destroyed my credit and I am the only working person so it is impossible to save. I need out I can feel my sanity dwindling!!

    1. I am working on a forum to help people such as yourself.

      Relocation would be such a huge blessing.

      There seems to be very little information on this (organizations that help people in situations like yours).

  3. After 45 years I realised I was living with a narc. He had made my life hell and I just didn’t see through him. He would hurt me mentally and destroy any faith I had in my self. each episode would end with so-called love and affection towards me when he saw that the tears had stopped and I had started to put up a barrier. I would then doubt myself and start to believe I was being unreasonable and fall into his arm full of forgiveness. Iv been humiliated and endlessly cheated on. He had treated me like a dog and I just could not see it. He even stooped as low as to try and make me mentally ill with his cruelty, why to this day I don’t know what triggered this in him and to be honest in this moment in time I DONT CARE. He nearly succeeded and it took me five painful years to get over him. To this day he continuously tries to get me back but it is I who now have control of my emotions, not him. I feel strong when facing him and can so NO to his pleadings without feeling afraid. If you realize you are living with a narc. leave them NOW, they will never change ane will waste your life. I’m angry with myself now for not recognizing what ane who he was, I have wasted my whole life. DONT LET THIS BE YOU.

  4. I left him after 30 years. My 4 adult children support him and I am viewed as mentally deranged. I drove 1855 miles away with only my clothes and hoping I can start working as an RN-BSN soon. I am broken, alone and so sad. He left me with nothing.

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