Alcohol Doesn’t Cure Your Depression and Obsession

Alcohol Doesn't Cure Your Depression

Narcissist Want You To Deteriorate

Nothing makes a narcissist happier than to see you keep getting worse and worse. When you drink you are doing the job for the narcissist. And that…that makes them happy as all hell.

“Ha! I am not even in their life and I am still f*cking up their lives.”

This gets them off — knowing they can damage someone’s life with just a thought.

When you drink, you are feeding their egos.

It says to them, “I have damaged them in a way that they can no longer live life happily.”

Living in a state of stupor is a defeat.

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I call myself the Rational Humorist. Narcs to me are cancer to humanity. The only way to beat cancer is to fight back against it.

The best way to defeat a narc is to see them as the jokes they are.

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