Alcohol Doesn’t Cure Your Depression and Obsession

Alcohol Doesn't Cure Your Depression

The Negative Effects Of Drinking

There are MANY negative side effects that one can gain from drinking.

Negative side effects such as:

  • Shrinking brain – the frontal lobes start to shrink
  • Behavioral changes – yoru whole behavior and character starts to change
  • Hallucination – you start to see things that are not there; thus making you IRRATIONAL
  • Addiction – You become dependant on this substance. Drinking as soon as you wake up just to keep you numb throughout the day.
  • Heart Damage
  • Lung Damage
  • Cancer
  • Infertility
  • and much more

Check out “23 Effects of Alcohol on Your Body” to get a better understanding of the damage you are doing to your body.

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