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Staying In A Narcissistic Relationship Because Of The Children

Staying in a narcissistic relationship because of the children is something that many people do. There is a belief in society that children need two parents to have a strong and healthy upbringing.

And although I do NOT argue vehemently against this idea, I would like to play devil’s advocate here in regards to the single-parent household.

I believe that a child being raised with ONE healthy parent can be much better for the child’s psychological and emotional health, then to be raised in a household where the parents are always fighting.

Children that are raised in toxic and dysfunctional homes, later on in life, start to develop many mental disorders.

Mental disorders such as childhood trauma, childhood PTSD, anti-social tendency, and anxiety, to name a few.

Check out my article about dysfunctional parents and their effect on their kids here SIGNS OF DYSFUNCTIONAL PARENTS: THEY AFFECT THEIR KIDS.

Childhood trauma can lead to children developing addictions to alcohol and drugs.

According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), children who grow up in traumatic households have a higher likelihood of developing substance abuse BEFORE the age of 18.

Read the full report here 2019 Guide: the Link Between Childhood Trauma and Addiction in Adulthood

If you think staying with a narc partner will be best for the child, then take a moment to consider.

With school shooting, cyberbullying, substance abuse in kids, depression in teens rising, and other mental illnesses on the rise…our kids NEED a household free of drama.

Staying In Narc Relationship Because Of The Children

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Toxic Families Are Dangerous

There have been many research studies that have shown the adverse effects that abuse and neglect have on the brain (links to the reviews in the intro). Abuse and neglect rewire the brain structuring of children.

Childhood trauma can cause emotional damage that can make it very difficult for the child to regulate their emotions. Childhood trauma also has the effect of causing cognitive impairment.

Check out this research article “Children Exposed to Abuse and Neglect: The Effects of Trauma on the Body and Brain.”

Staying Together Because Of The Baby

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This is a life. Don’t let it be born into the insanity that is the narc

Staying together because you may be pregnant will be all the ingredients that the baby will need to develop the seeds of sociopathic tendencies/ or psychopathic tendencies.

Research has shown that kids as young as two years of age can develop these traits.

Letting your child stay around a narcissist will only help to foster those traits in the child that much easier, as children are very suggestible.

Narcissists Destroy Lives

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Narcissists will destroy your life, as well as your child’s life if given the opportunity. Destruction to them is a pleasure, even if that destruction is of their flesh and blood.


These creatures have no idea how to empathize. And this is because they lack empathy. (Read the full article here about Narc’s (people with NPD) having a thinner neocortex than normal people.)

Staying together with the narc can be extremely dangerous for the child’s upbringing — as well as for the life of the partner. Domestic violence is rising and most partners are killed by the very people they were in love with.

If you see that your partner has narcissistic tendencies, you may want to do what you can to leave them. They will destroy your lives and think absolutely nothing of it.

It can be challenging raising a child all by your lonesome.

But to raise a kid with a narcissistic partner will not only damage that kid, but it will also potentially turn that child away from you.

Narcs have a fantastic ability to turn their kids against the other parent who isn’t a narc.

There are many cases where children start to mimic their narc parent and will lose respect and LOVE for their empathetic parent.

To raise a kid by yourself is difficult. But to lose your child to a narc (in regards to that relationship you can build and them developing into a DECENT HUMAN BEING) is devastating.

Feel free to read my previous article, SIGNS OF DYSFUNCTIONAL PARENTS: THEY AFFECT THEIR KIDS.

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