The Benefits Of Incense Sticks For Your Physical & Psychological Well-Being

The Benefits Of Incense Sticks For Your Physical & Psychological Well-Being

Incense Sticks

It can be very difficult to heal and move on after a narcissistic relationship. The benefits of incense for your physical & psychological well-being are numerous. Incense could potentially help in your healing process.

For many of us, the toxic mentality, along with the corrosive nature of the narcissists, has contaminated so much of our character and spirit that moving on and trying to heal can at times feel like it is not attainable.

We see ourselves (most of us) as a former shell of who we were. And for narcissists, this is an accomplishment.

Narcissistic people are so broken that they want to see others break. Click To Tweet

They destroy because in their broken minds we seem whole and perfect to them, and that disrupts their reality and minds.

To stay broken, hurt, bruised, damaged, vengeful, and full of pity ONLY satisfies the narcissists. It also robs the world of your particular uniqueness.

No matter how broken you may feel, no matter how much time you may have given to the narcissist, and no matter what other people (flying monkeys) say behind your back…YOU CAN HEAL.

In this article, I would like you to come with me to the realm of spirituality. I am not talking about religion, I AM TALKING ABOUT SPIRITUALITY (although there is nothing wrong with religion as long as you aren’t FORCING IT ON OTHERS).

The more that I read, the more that I learn, the more that I meditate on, and the more that I am experiencing in life… I am learning.

Learning that we are not just carnal beings — but also beings of pure energy and spirit.

How do I know this?

The manifestations of thoughts (meditation).

We are more powerful than we give credit to ourselves.

The pain and suffering we have endured are NOT meant to cripple us...but to strengthen us. Click To Tweet

What Does Incense Sticks Have To Do With Healing?

Listed below are all the benefits of incense for your physical & psychological well-being. The negative effects that rumination has on one’s health are numerous. Causing not only heart problems but neurological issues as well.

I often say this, and I will continue to say this, we get ONE GO at this thing called life. No matter how broken you may think you are, it is still a gift to be here. To exist. And you exist for a reason that ONLY YOU KNOW WHY.

So to help get you back on track and to help you with your recovery process, I have outlined a few benefits that incense can have ou your health.

The more you ruminate over the narcissist, the more they win.

Focus on recovery and focus on becoming your best version…that will be the greatest revenge you can ever have on the narcissist.

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What Are The Benefits Of Burning Incense Sticks?

Enhancing Concentration & Focus

Being able to concentrate and focus on a BETTER LIFE is exactly what you need. Visualization is half of the ingredient to succeeding and healing in life.

Stimulating Creativity

Imagination is SO CRUCIAL in your healing process. It helps you think of creative ways to do the things you love and infuse it into your everyday life. The creative energy that you once had, but had been depleted to the toxic relationship, will resurface. And the pain and suffering you went through will be the fuel to create something powerful beyond your wildest imagination.

We suffer in life to grow and learn. Not to remain crippled by it.

Increasing Motivation and Positive Energy

This is easily one of my favorite benefits of using incense. Certain incenses have the ability to drive off bad energy. For those of us who have been with narcissistic people, we know how toxic and corrosive their energy levels are. They contaminate us. Incenses offers us a chance to ward off that negative energy and start taking on positive energy.

Boosting Confidence

With the increased focus and concentration coupled with getting your creativity back topped on getting some positive energy, your confidence will SKYROCKET.

And tell me, for those of us who have been with a narcissist, how much confidence do you have now?

Most likely it is small or none; this is because narcissists know how to make us question and doubt ourselves. They are masters of projecting and blameshifting.

Heightening Sexual Desire

Sexual healing” is not just a song. Great lovemaking can have many effects on your health.

Such benefits being:

  • increased self-esteem
  • helps to boost your immune system
  • lowers your blood pressure
  • decreases heart problems
  • promotes sleep
  • eases stress and anxiety
  • boosts brainpower
  • younger “glow”

Of course, you want to make sure the experience is with someone who DESERVES IT. Check out my article “How To Find A Healthy Relationship After A Narc Relationship“.

Relieving Headaches

Certain aromas can cause chemical reactions in our brain to release the happy, relaxed, and comforting feelings in us.

Fighting Depression

Easily one of the most beneficial aspects of using incense is its ability to help combat depression. Depression is a mental illness that severely interferes with the healing process.

Burning frankincense (resin from the Boswellia plant) activates poorly understood ion channels in the brain to alleviate anxiety or depression.Science Daily

Incense Sticks Types And Effects

Frankincense For Sanctification and Cleansing

incense sticks

Auroshika brings us relaxing and rejuvenating Frankincense Natural Resin Incense. Resinous, musky myrrh odor with a slight vanilla sweetness. Frankincense fragrance creates an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, especially conducive for relaxation and meditation.

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Sandalwood For Grounding and Relaxing

incense sticks

Exotic fragrances of the East – sandalwood, and jasmine combine with secret Himalayan herbs in our entrancing Sandalwood & Jasmine Tibetan Incense.

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Cinnamon For Balancing Emotions


Ancient Tibetan Himalayan Incense is made from all-natural aromatic plants and herbs, used by Buddhist practitioners for centuries to promote health and healing.

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Patchouli To Lift Your Spirits


  • White Sage – A purifying scent said to absorb negativity and misfortune 
  • Patchouli– has a grounding, balancing effect on emotions.

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Amber For Elevation and Letting Go (helpful in sleep meditation)


Amber – Warming, Purifying, and Emotional Balancer

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Cedar and Sage For Positive Energy

incense sticks

Sage, a highly fragrant plant is burned in ceremonies to drive out bad spirits or feelings (purification) and is valued for its aromatic properties.  

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Importance Of Spirituality In Life

You owe the narcissists nothing. This is not a show of being selfish, cruel or greedy. It is the only way to heal properly.

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For more ways to add more positivity to your life, I have written an article titled “100 Ways To Let Go And Move On With Life After Narcissistic Abuse“.

Change in life for your happiness starts the moment you take the active steps to change. We have ALL been hurt in life. But those who succeed and are happy are those who work for it.

Don’t waste your gift of life.

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